posted on July 28, 2008 at 9:17 pm

(please note : this idea is taken from the self-promoting ads that
playboy used to run in its mags in the sixties and seventies :
what kind of man reads playboy?)

what kind of person reads the time being?

a person with flare and style
just maybe not todays flare and style
someone who likes to stick bubblegum noses on real estate guys pictures
(and since when do real estate guys have their pics up everywhere?)
(and have you heard of the doff girls? mary doff carry doff and tragic ilene doff)
someone who can pronounce anathema correctly on tuesdays
someone who stands a vase on top of a rubiks cube
someone who doesnt read the instructions and doesnt care for the results
someone who drives a clapped out car with fiery seatcovers
someone who smokes catnip cigarettes and owns a yoyo
someone who listens to the sea inside a shell
someone who still believes in machine elves
someone who names their kids after greek myths
someone who loses their stuff all over the place
someone who doesnt like plain and simple fun
someone who cant read a map but can read in between the lines
someone who remembers hamilton joe frank and reynolds
someone who likes long rainy days spent elsewhere
someone who likes toasted sandwiches and a cuppa tea
someone whose favourite flavour is a butterscotch caramel vanilla cross
someone who lives by the sea with a dog named john
someone who hates halloween but likes brigadoon
someone who thinks bono is embarrassing and likes licorice
someone who has a job as calf model and collects masks
someone who wishes guy ritchie would just get his own castle
someone who gives their cat a surname
someone who cant believe george bush has an iq of 125
(where does the decimal point go?)
someone who wouldnt couldnt ever eat a crab or duck liver pate
someone who lives in a spacious bedsit with railyard glimpses
someone who gives not gifts stuff
some who has an impact but not impacts on things
someone who never says disempowering or saturn returns
someone who just wishes things were a bit nicer down here
someone who dots their t’s and doublecrosses their eyes
someone who hates frickin’ dance routines
someone who completely avoids reality tv shows
someone who reviles endless inane footy
someone who wishes there were more nights paddling canoes w/ little lanterns
someone who wishes there were more days on windswept beaches
someone who reckons the zoo is cruel but likes to dong mynah birds
someone who likes epaulettes
someone who likes floral
someone with a broken suitcase and a blunt pencil
someone with a lost ticket and a 4 oclock shadow
someone with a sticky wicket and gluey rice
someone with a bing bong device and a snuffle-cushion
someone who never uses the word misled
someone who likes sugar
someone who gets hotheaded yet has cold feet
someone whos axolotls are sean and colin
someone who left their keys on the bus
someone whos forgotten their combination
someones whos always standing in everybodys way at a party
someone who thinks men with gold chains are silly
someone who listens to the rain, cant you hear it pour
someone who likes raspberry but hates strawberry flavour
someone who wanders lonely as a cloud when they walk in the sun
someone who still hopes x-ray spex might work
someone who cant keep secrets
someone like you
someone else
thats what kind of person reads the time being

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