posted on November 15, 2008 at 7:26 pm

oh no
some people got the temerity to criticize painkiller….
i can’t believe my eyes…..
oh fuck
now i’m so de-motivated
i aint doing another one for seven years
jaysus when will i realize you just can’t please everyone
always some tetchy little (foreign) person
i dont like this
i dont like that
ok i’m sorry
i won’t do it again
my next record will be perfect
no one will (dare) criticize it
it will be fast and slow
it will be carefully thought out improvisation
it will rock like a bastard but politely
the lyrics will be wild flights of fantasy that make perfect sense
the music will explore atonality with lots of tunes
the long ones will be shorter
the short ones will be longer
the heavy ones lighter
the ….well you get the picture
but herein lies the real barb
the nasty persons said that if you liked painkiller
then you were either delusional or an “ass-kisser”
now aint that a little extreme…?
thats like the kind of rant i’d come out with
after smoking ice n snorting steam….
because they were too cloth-eared
to hear i’d made the best record ever
then you guys who like it are kissing donkeys
no steve does not want honesty
steve wants everyone saying painkiller is very good
steve wants millions of dollars n eternal life
steve wants to be the prime minister n an anarchist
steve wants what steve wants
and steve wants it all
i fucking love painkiller
i even listen to it myself
which i dont normally do with my other records
this is me
this is where i am fucking at
and that record is impetuous because i am impetuous
and its fuzzy cos i’m fuzzy
and its inchoate coz i’m inchoate
straight outta my head onto tape
the way i do things
the way i always like to do things
one massive ego trip
the studio is my domain
i got more tricks up my sleeve, steve
or tune out
go find some other crazy genius
julian cope…hes still out there
i dunno….whoever
i gotta tell ya
i’m moving on
despite my advanced years
ive got a very excited kid in my head
and he wants to write n paint n make records
i am so fucking sick of under the milky way
i am so fucking sick of all the blah blah blah
so what!?
i am so sick of the eighties and thinking about it
i am sick of colourless paintings n music with no thrill
i am sick of imitations
i am sick of any compromise
getting someones fucking permission
you like the old stuff
there it is….its all yours
me……the old stuff is killing me
i gotta leave it behind
i dont care about it
i did it once n its done
spawned a whole load of imitators
i am active
after 10 years of heroin addiction
n its aftermath
i am active
painkiller is my first salvo
expect energy
expect anger
expect strangeness n charm
i am the master
the master of all i survey
i make mistakes but theyre glorious mistakes
they are my mistakes n no-one elses
i aint no joe fucking schmoe
you aint kissing my arse if you like painkiller
you tuning in !
as i say in my lovely record

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