posted on February 19, 2006 at 11:34 pm

ok fiendss
how are ya?
this ratio is disproportianate
i spend an hour maybe hour and half
writing this tripe
you fiends gobble down in 2. sumpthin’ minutes
i putting in 30 times more time
than you
what do i expect?
i mean i dont know…
i havent figerred out what it is i need from ya
yet i do this because some intangible force
forces me to fucking BLOGGE!
i am a puppet to my whims
look back over my life
you can see that
sometimes it leads me to something great
sometimes it takes me up a dark street
in a bad neighbourhood in atlanta
and leaves me alone
hiding in the darkness

so that same thing that made me write songs
when no one was or wanted to listen
only my 2 younger brothers
ever listened to all those thousands of songs
i wrote on my 4 track
in canberra and rozelle
my music was everything at once in those days
talk about an over acheiver
i wanted to write songs that were the best
i wanted to do everything myself
i wanted to be punk psychedelic proggy poppy
rocknrolly indy glammy seriousy weirdy catchy
my fiendss
i try to listen to some of the surviving cassettes
my abstract model
electrical disturbance
sand and snow
youre my idea
featuring lyrics
youre hanging in the wardrobe
and you think that i cant see
sometimes i think i think i look like you
sometimes i think you look like me
i closed that door
please dont come thru
i try to think of something else
but all i get is you
youre my idea

cmon fiendss
did you like that…?
oh well
as i wazza saying to ya
the force that compels
us genii and renaissance men
i got stuff pouring out me baybee
sweet jesus
turn off this stream of stuff
i got music playing in my poor pour ringin’ ears
i got words flowing outtta my fingers
i got patterns swirling around behind my grey
my poor brain trying to figger out my mind
hes trying to get a little string theory going
my mind is filling up with all this other stuff
im knocking out poetry
i cant get any rest
it doesnt switch off
its occupying my thoughts
you see i always hadda bent like this
a lotta people did
but schooly
and worky
knock it outta ya eventually
if i hadda job laying tiles
you reckon im gonna come home and knock out a fucking prose poem
not on yer nelly sunshine
i hadda little job doing just that fiendss
i came home every nite at 4
i put david bowie on the turntable
i fell asleep
my mum woke me up for dinner
i went back to bed and slept
i got up at 6 the next mourning
to start the whole thing again
i was a tilers labourer
we tiled huge just built govt offices
i was a sorry specimen
you can be sure
a piss poor labourer
i only had the job
cos of ian
my cousins husband
he was nice guy and he hired me
you shoulda seen the other guys on the team
when i show up for work
i can see theyre real impressed with my
tiling prowess
hey bruno dont chuck those tiles at me so hard
youre cutting my hands
that one day i will need to write
future aussie rock standard
you know the one…
well i guess it aint gonna bee a hit for another 16 years
actually they werent such a bad olde bunch
me and a guy called terry
he was from west wyalong
we went to a town called goulburn
or ghoulburn as nk said once
and me and terry
stayed at the pub
had counter lunch and dinner
(slim pickens for veg in those days and times)
we tiled goulburn hospital floors
chatted up the nursies
terry even chatted up the patients
i was neck deep in blokedom
how much more aussie could ya get?
i dunno
it only sorta half washed
but this is why
i CAN easily become that bricklayer
ive told ya of
in a dark and wonderful old record shop
in goulburn during that time
i found a copy of an album by
a group called flaming youth
id been looking for it for ages
it had phil collins on it
before he joined jenny sis
thick long luxuriant tresses he sported
on the cover
any way i was glad to go to goulbum
just to get that record
i reckon thats enuff for ya today
youll get indigestion if you have too much
after a little break
youll O D

goodbye you creatures
its over
for now

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