posted on June 11, 2010 at 6:16 am

my dear friend in colleague
jeffrey cain is on his way to australia
arriving june 29
to start n finish isidore #2
maybe you have or havent heard isidore #1 yet
its a very melodic smooth kind of record
jeffrey wrote the music
i came up with the vox
we make a good team
jeffrey writes tricky chord progressions
at once familiar yet with a sense of the strange
it inspires me to come up with words i wouldnt normally
have come up with…
hes renting a flat here in bondi n we can ‘ave a winter swim n a sauna
n get stuck into our work
jeffrey is an impish alabaman with a wicked laugh n kind heart
like martin kennedy and ricky maymi hes much younger than me
and was inspired in his teen years by the church among others
hes absorbed his sk musical lessons well
and thoroughly transmuted them into his own lovely trip
we will both be mourning the loss of gregory slay isidores drummer
who died on new years eve tragically too young
mr slays radiant and mischievous spirit
will illuminate proceedings i’m sure….
the first isidore record heralded a new era for my singing n words
i turned some corner in making it
finding new ways to sing
new types of words to write
i am lucky to have collaborateurs such as jc n these other guys
so you got gb3 coming real soon (its a corker…mixed by jorden brebach too!)
then kk2
then hopefully i can get david neil finally fixed n mixed (thats with ricky)
then isidore2 which i know will be a special record
melbournian fiendss can look for me next week
although i cant necessarily spill the beans on what it is i’m doing
as i am merely one of a number of special secret guests at 2 shows there
(at the palais….)
yep i’m pretty busy
and thats how i like it

great new book arrived on my desk
my immortal by anakki mayhem
an australian coastal teenage vampire love story (what?)
available on amazon now

regards to dave rundle my novocastrian china plate
put the box set kk dvd and ato cheque (bastards!!) in the mail today

thats it
a long weekend here in sydney but dunno why
see ya then

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