posted on July 1, 2012 at 10:16 am

demonstration of power

ok i find myself incredibly bizzy bizzy bizzy

dividing my time between painting writing music and family

i have music brewing solo music and collaborations

i have sung on 4 or 5 songs for a group called polaroid kiss

the main guy brandun is a very self-possessed guy

knocking out very sharp eighties-ish sounding songs

but its the kind of eighties sounds i like

like ultravox sounded on systems of romance

then theres alienskin

george and i have collaborated on a dreamy gleamy song vaguely eighties-ish

but things i loved from the eighties

this is a swoony gorgeous track

its very romantic and i think you’re gonna like it

i have sent a load of music off to hu dost to sing on or tinker with

google them if you want i don’t know how to explain their trip

anyway be nice to see what they can do

polinski and i got off to a good start with mimesis 2

we have some good stuff in the can already

martin kennedy arrives in sydney tomorrow morning

i will be picking him up and we will be working on kil/ken 3

we will be recording the vox here in tree-top studio

or should i call it barking up the right tree studio….?

anyway i can think of studios with worse views

still in pipeline :

tarot of the time being

its nearing completion being slowed down by me not having yet checked the proofs

sorry mem i’m getting round to it…..

also the church tour from 1990

hoo boy that’ll be an eye opener for all of us

well thats still on the film cassette thingys so no time too soon…sigh

meanwhile i’m vaguely planning a super TIMEBEING book

a book with all the best art music words auto-bio archival personal memoir blah blah

something big and colourful with lots o’pictures

i intend to send y’all another skp song soon

its coming

i got loads of bits of music coming to fruition

i gotta get my head around this digital sound tho

it aint doing what my tape recorder used to do

you could chuck stuff onto tape a bit of reverb

it used to kinda settle down and go all nice n warm

computer music can’t and don’t do that

its just all sitting there (for me at least)

unfortunately i gotta get more involved in engineering not my strongest point

figuring out EQing out things which don’t sound like much

but they’re gobbling up all the space somehow

i am negotiating with quite  few different characters various schemes

still in infancy maybe none will ever come to anything

the church are reconvening at end of year

read all about it as it comes to hand

in some ways i am a foot soldier in the rock wars

i go where i’m told and i fight accordingly

i am in the thick of it

sometimes with strange allies and enemies

still i yearn to strike a blow for the cause

the cause of the church

of course ever dearest to my heart

my flagship thing which i am but one admiral

so i parachute into wineries and ent cents

blasting the damned audients with rocknroll salvation

lo my big bass will be shooting low

hitting men in the chest and ladies deep inside somewhere warm

and my voice will proclaim the great truth of rocknroll

that it is all a lie

a fantastic amazing crazy ridiculous lie

and i will whisper my fragments of god given nonsense

into powerful electric transmitters which will blast them towards their heads

but i cannot make them listen only hear

they will hear our great machine but will they listen?

somehow all those lies set to music are becoming true again

what is happening? i am confused

so i turn up in summer on a stage in austra-lazier

and there i am wispy hair white beard freckles earrings incredible calves

i have lived a fantastic life

i have experienced many of the inner and outer worlds this world has to offer

i have turned this charade around

i am now more authentic than almost anything else you’ll see

we are more authentic

every guy in the band is authenticity in flesh

as in some cat who loves music and has excelled in his sphere

can you imagine being able to play guitar or drums like those guys?

after a lifetime we stand together still with minor disruptions yes

but we come back and we’re still swinging those axes hard

so yeah there you go fiendss

thats why i do it all

will we convert thousands to our cause

which is the pursuit of excellence in words and music but still rock….?

yes maybe this will be the time

the dullened proles and phillysteins will finally open their eyes and see that

although there are verily many paths to rock heaven

that the church’s path  will certainly lead you to rapture

but it is a subtle rapture and it takes some time to realise

(like all the very best drugs…!!)

and many do not have the imagination or faith to hear our mysterious allure

fuck em then ! as i always have n always will say fuck em!

i will lay my lovely dishes out for them to see

if they refuse to partake then…….

well its sunday morning

and yeah i’m writing some essays on bands for those great coffee table books

the ones sam does

and well i’m writing essays on a whole load of musical legends

and its hard time consuming work

i’m dj ing my 2 fave records in kings cross on thursday nite


i’m bizzy gee whiz la di dah

so there you if you wonder

skp songs coming atcha soon

almost done my backlog of art commissions

commission a song

commission a painting

commission something from me

bandcamp has a lot of my stuff up there now

more coming

tracking down all the bits n pieces to make everything available

now i’m getting old i want to make everything available

open all vaults and get it out to anyone who may want it

i have books and books and archives full of stuff

its just so time consuming


i’m exhausted now just thinking of it all

oh yeah and melby premiere for short film comeback 18th july

its free

am i really possibly the greatest ever actor ever…?


but gee its  nice little film

bye now

over n out



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