posted on May 31, 2014 at 6:27 pm
spiritus sancti

spiritus sancti

i am the over achiever

i do everything at once

as i sit here now on early saturday night

i have 4 albums waiting in the wings

in various almost completed stages

every one of them will blow your mind i have no doubt

i sang all the songs on the new kil/ken album last week

our man martin came up with another groovy bunch of instrumentals

and your humble narrator wrote and sang

5 songs one day

6 songs the next

i can only say so far it sounds like you are everything part 2

building on foundations and moods and lyrical ideology

from that record and expanding it out even more…

of course then we have my record with frank kearns from ireland

finally finished after umpteen years across time and continents

modern faerie music for grey autumn days

this is one of the most warm organic soothing records

a big soft slow record

full of melody and melancholy

and sudden rays of diffused euphoric rapture

frank kearns is a dreamer

and hes dreamed up some dreamy guitar landscapes

for my voice and my bass to wander through

ready to be mixed …

then we have kilbey/hu dost

which is me and the sufi rockers from kentucky

here i have written bits and pieces of songs and music

and these guys have added jammed and augmented

its totally different to whatever has gone on before for me

jon anderson from yes sings and writes lyrics on one track which is a monster

the whole album is about to be soon mixed ..

finally of course we have further/deeper

being mixed and amended even as we speak

there are guys out there mixing away

further/deeper is its own cosmos

it picks up from U23 and it accelerates outwards

it contains big epic numbers

and it contains pure pop songs

templates of jingle jangle masters

it contains oddities and novelties

it contains some huge thumping things

it will surprise you baby oh i promise you that

meanwhile i am back into painting in a slight lull in events

feeling like the mana is flowing thru me again


i am doing some good work at the moment



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