posted on February 13, 2015 at 11:12 pm
solutions r us

solutions r us


soft hue coming down on the swimmers behind the nets

perfectly twilight as the trees seem to drip down the cliffs

oh warm sea envelop us wash us cleaner than we ever could be

oh i languid and glide on the deep green side under leaden sky

breathing in through my nose out through my mouth

dragging myself through the briny billows

little wavelets crash into me and fly off my goggles back into their sea

so it will be for you and me entering eternity

even then a sun shines inexorably on behind all the clouds

its rays permeate the water of the harbour

illumination of its clear depths

verdant valleys of moss and shoal way below me

i try to remember the names of who i used to be

my rushing self is stilled

i have willed it to a standstill

darting schools of thought fly out of mind

ideas come unbidden into a garden prepared for peace

ripples from outside the whorls

marine films projected on the white screen of evening

fish on hooks screaming

everything you think is real

just seeming



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