posted on October 2, 2012 at 12:57 pm

time does not standstill


i had a great exhibition

thank you sam

thank you rajini and scott at futura

thank you always to my art steering committee which is holly, eek and kiabgoa

ok whats next…?

still on the agenda

in various states of completion are

jack frost dvd

church 1990 tour dvd

compleat lyric book

an album in the works with hu dost…

a new kilbey/kennedy record called YOU ARE EVERYTHING

boy this is our best believe me our best so far

martin kennedy has the market cornered on this kinda thing

i think you guys gonna enjoy this record

i am very very happy with how this is turning out

i can only imagine how good it will be when simon polinski has done his thing….

i have rediscovered  the painkiller 2 tapes and i am working on them

i guess i’ll stick vocals n stuff on it and edit it down a bit

its pretty psychedelic …..

i will be appearing in melbourne 13 october talking about gods myths n my music

this will also feature a guest appearance by martin kennedy

i will playing in canberra solo this friday night

dunno what my set will be….gonna have to dust off my 12 string n figger it out


thatll keep ya going for a while i hope




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