posted on November 17, 2009 at 9:00 am

i was in canberra
or was it south america
i was young so much younger than today
my father sits at the piano
bolan sits in a field
kathy sits at a bar talking to frank clarke
david neil sits in the window of a record shop in kingston
ford aurora just used my song reptile to advertise their amphibi-car
nestles just used my song terra nova cain to advertise their future bar
i am not selected as a school prefect due to past misconduct
(being naughty the whole time)
the shopkeeper presses drugs into my hands
a downtown hag sells me a big old bag
ricky is there too though he wouldnt have been born yet
hes rehearsing some players in an i-studio in london
my fathers jamming away and laughing
i take a swig of absinthe
i set a flame the honey wine
some white american chick gets her breasts out in slow motion
a missile comes hurtling towards the stage
i see it with my eagle eye
someone tries to explain something to me
but it just makes me angry
on the screen in the hotel keith richards is coughing
i drive around red hill lost looking for my school reunion
all my friends are professors now
they drink expensive red wine n live in red hill
i drive up in my ford aurora
yeah i got one free but its a test model
and in canberra after baby grandes rehearsal
my window is all frosted up
and in bangkok where the metal is cooking
and in new york some big copper handcuffs me
and in london some bouncer swears at my mum
and i lie low in my bedroom avoiding homework
and peter koppes is staying with us
while the family have all gone to uk
and at night we record things on his stereo cassette player
with a pair of little black mikes
he puts his guitar through a phaser pedal
summers just around the corner
the girls are buzzing round my ears at the olympic pool
its a bit mixed up i admit
my my
up in sydney the nights are warm
in bondi flats we sit around plotting
in germany we stop at a cafe and i buy chocolate n some chips
in germany they have naughty videos playing in the room for 10 marks
hey can you lend us 10 marks, banga?
in germany the muesli has real hazelnuts
but in canberra
its either corn flakes or rice bubbles
mum buys one of those variety packs
like 10 little boxes of cereal
lets see the fruit loops will go first
then the oks
then the coco pops just like a chocolate milkshake only cruncheee!
then last will be the sugar frosties which no one likes
in london there is no breakfast
we dont get outta bed until in the afternoon
in america we get up early to catch our flight
in school the dark clouds have rolled in
the bullies hound me n the girls aint found me
i listen to hawkwind man
i read the hawkwind log
i go to a great party one night
i smoke galaxy cigarettes they are short n cheap
pages fly off the calendars
the screens flip n multiply
i saw your brother during lunch
we play cards it was raining hard
i surf the waves and the nets
i get caught up forging musical notes
i lose money up a vacuum cleaner
at christmas time
i deliver for
gold, frankenstine and murphy
my song asks me for permission to go on a date
hows this date ….1215…?
thats when magna carta signed the barons n the knights
and like bad king john went to one in the norman charts
and king dick the lyin’heart was at the cru-de sade
and lo it was blurred
and the national anthhyme was played
and in sydney the weeds cluster round lowboys door
and in sydney where theres two brawls for every boy
and someone gets smacked in the head honey
and i pour out them damn sugar frosties even tho their so stale
and i park by the molonglo river for a while
i lot of people i knew
will be dead by now i guess
it doesnt seem fair…most of them were kind …..
my wisdom teeth never come thru
i got a blister from playing bass seven nights a week
i got a rash creeping up my thigh
i got delusions of grandeur and visions of sugarplums
christmas round the corners
christmas in the air
am i a year too early
a year too late…?

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