posted on January 4, 2008 at 9:17 pm

9 am a cab rolls up to my house in bondi
i bid the doodles n woofle n loverly wife nk a sad bye bye
aurora had been trying to heal my ear with crystal
hmmm she got the gift…
pick up pk in rose bay
925 pick up trevoor johnno johnstone in kings x
945 go to alexandria pick up some equippy
10 airport
much much argy bargy to weigh and number all our bits of equippy
1100 fly to brizzy (no direct cheep tix to goldencoast)
12 00 land in brizzy
meet ricki and jorden
2 00 ish all our equippy not arrivey
we waity and waity
230 me n pk n ricki n jordy n trevy piss off
its raining we hit a traffic jam on outskirts of aeropuerte
its raining its hot people are running outta petchrol
we remain in jam till 600
find veg rest
have six diff veg platters n mango smoothy
my only meal for day
645check in have shower
700 drive back to gig listen to new church tapes
730 do a quik soundycheck
800 do gig
900 come off
get very angry hanging around waiting to go
piss every one off with mah impatience
at about 1200 i gotta lift back to hotey with tims friends
that was it
i met anarchy males-trome and graham n n rowan d
drank one little glass jaeg n red bullshit
smoke too many spliffs
get in niggly argy bargy with many
i am a lazy bugger
i dont like ‘anging around
dont like workin’ or waitin’
back to syd
straight into rehearsey for newie
maybe go home furst say hello my gurls (sigh)
am i too olde for this fucking caper?
(its a rhetorical quezzy…!)
(dont need to answer you clown!)

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