posted on April 13, 2009 at 8:57 pm

i have wandered thru this world
ive seen a lot yet most remains ineluctably hidden
ive had n lost money fame friends youth ambition
ive squandered my resistance for a pocket full of mumbles
such are promises….
ive rocked to the east
ive rocked to the west
i shot my mouth off
i blew my foot off
i blue my chances
ha! everyone knows my story….
what am i?
jack the lad, baby
and i got nine lives
dont ever say that its over for me
cos you might be surprised
true or false :
more westerners killed each year by falling coconuts than islamic extremists
i dare not reveal the true answer for fear of a war on coconuts
(was keith richards in the vanguard when he fell from tree ?)
this is a bizarre n random world
the world is run by older children, thats all
the religions that guide us are un-understood
or interpreted literally
i must be the only person i know
whose read the bible
i would wager my doo dahs that ive read more of the bible than
or you(any of you)
or any other christian southern baptist type
you see
the bible is my type of book
you see
being a second rate poet n all
and a lover of myth
and searching for lyrics
and researching the “good” book
i actually stuck with it
and the koran
and many many volumes of hindu stuff
do i think that vishnu literally lies there
with his wife fanning him
while he literally sleeps
and literally throws out universes from his pores?
oh my dear fellows
we do not have the words or minds to understand vishnu as he is
this is a crude human attempt to describe things
this is really an ineffable concept
just as a prawn in the sea cannot discuss botticelli
we cannot really find the words to describe
an immense and beautiful creator
who effortlessly “dreams” up universes
(you think vishnu labours over this?)
surrounded by all beauty luxury n wealth
as symbolized by his wife
goddess of fortune
these are human terms dreampt up by human minds
there is no language to describe vishnu and his magnificence
and guess what?
you can call vishnu god if you like
all names and images and stories are human approximations
much of all religion is analogy
much of all religion is metaphor
i have personally studied and compared religions
i see myth and charisma at work in everything
i am not immune to it
i am very attracted by obamas charisma and his burgeoning myth
it is amazing to see it in action
youre not actually supposed to believe in everything tho
life is a document to be interpreted
i know that
thats what my songs represent
the interpretability of life
everything happ’ning on many levels
no hard n fast
that has been the wests biggest mistake
to only see that one dimension..the everything
and then
you see
armed with a literally interpreted “bible”
we went about doing great harm
much much much more harm than islamic extremists
and it started with the crusades in the bad olde days
when we tried to get jerusalem back
and us
(christians, westerners, english etc)
we invaded and committed incredible atrocities
down in the middle east
and we been doing it a while now
this was why it was very un-PC
of mr bush to use the word “crusade” early on
because thats like
and it dont go down well anymore
(especially for the muzzies)
we had a few goes at jerusalem
and were well known for our dirty tricks
and our wholesale slaughters
this is king dick the lionheart n co
and then of course
after the war 2
we just said
you know
hey this is our biblical israel again now
and appropriated it
and i guess you can see why the arab world is kinda pissed off
if we had always left em alone
it mighta been ok
but weve niggled at them for years n years n years
how is it our right or bizness?
‘i dont bloody know
but how could i
i am a washed up singer in a pop band
old and bitter n all the rest
of the things they say
which are probably true
but its not me trying to arraign bush for war crimes
(eg bombing civilians in baghdad)
its a multi-national group of lawyers n humanists
i was just saying they were trying to do it
and i hope they succeed
(is that my gay-ness showing then?)
the “censorship” you talk of
is for the benefit of my other commenters
who were being attacked here
on my very own pages
my very own diary
my very own blog
please remember
this is my very own blog
and remember
you read mine
but i dont read yours
and guess what?
i decide what happens in my realm
if closing yer window on a horrible racket is censorship
than so be it
i’m a censor
i’m old (how can i deny it)
i’ m bitter (its true but seeing i say so myself
anybody else saying it is irrelevant)
i’m poor (sigh aint it the truth)
please kind sirs
dont castigate me for these sins on my comments
comments reprimanding me for my poor old bitterness
will no longer be printed
ie censored
because they are tedious
comments accusing people of being gay (puhleese! )
will no longer be printed
(that is they will not be printed)
you betcha!
comments insulting my father also censored
so there you have it
jehovah n out

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