posted on December 27, 2005 at 2:00 pm

what a day
feels like it went on for a year
tis truly a measure of my devo shun
that im even up, writing to you
my kilbeings
my little vege sausages
my lambs
my little bits
just for you

anyhow i have done a lot
a gig no less
with david lane + band
(i sublimate my swollen ego
and just play the basse)
rock legends abound
lucky jim elliot from the cruel sea on drums
amanda brown from the go bes on mando and vio
(robbery with violins)
stevie k from ye olde choich,,,,
3 livin legends
on stage in bondi to a roomful of oblivious euro backpackerss
and the localss who had drifted in to
try to crack on to the euro backpackerss
they just talked and laughed thru laneys set
even tho we were great
i looked around
naiive and hopeful
is captain mish mash here
with one of his exotic friends?
perhaps luxsore
she of the elegant turn o frase
or maybe
or maybe even
transylvanian vlad
who is also a talented writah
and charming
but also prone to a hot slavic temper
or something…
who even told me to get fucked last time…..
(and that, me dahlings,IS fucken heresy)….
but no
there was no one there enjoying this feast of sounds
we were sloppy but goode
i personally made one very awful glaring mistake
early on
a whacking e minor run
when i shoulda been pumping an f
believe me
its just about the worse sounding thing in the book
the whole room slipped sideways
in to negative space (baybee)
for the duration of that howler
dock my fucking pay !
i deserve it
as the brilliantly astute ones here
wood have already guessed
i saw banarnia the moovie
goode things :
(trust me, i know my $%#$%&ing narnia, fiendss)
mr tumnus…yeah pretty goode
the kidss…i liked em
edmund looked like a young i mccullough
that aint a badde thing
i liked the kids
didnae mind aslan
scenery was goode
badde things
all the narnians had ears that looked like the beagle boys
tilda aint jadis
she just aint
the white which didnt have blonde dreadies
she was just….
maybe im just inflewents
by pauline baines excellent illustrations
but she and lewis = sir john tenniel and lewis carroll
hers is the definitive version
the wolvies all spoke in these super horrendous
yankee accents
maugrim the wolf the chief of the secret police
does not have a namerican accent
he just doesnt!!
and he doesnt jive around with the fuckin kiddies
in comic book/rambo/lethal weppon banter
hes much more sophisticated than that
the battle scenes
an attempt to cash in on you know whats
big suck sess
narnian battles were small
like maybe a hundred creatures maxx!
not row after row
of superimposed holly would
stoopid lookin’ idiots
with horns or one eyeball
or whatever
(fill in silly computer narnian here)
why fuck w/ a good storey
look at troy
you just dont get some
bloke to re write homer
or lewis
or j r r r r toke it in
(pipeweed…..go j.r.)
never mind
we still give it a thumbsup
next time
drop the action stuffe
the u.s. accents
(but howie, theaudience loved those freakin wolves)
ok thats enuff
im gonna leave you now
s the k

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