posted on July 27, 2012 at 2:21 pm

a smokin’ t-shirt

just cos you like someones music

doesn’t mean you will like them

or they will like you…

in fact it might mean some great awkward balls-up…

or some embarrassing gushing or something….

anyway yesterday i hang out with greg dulli…

he and i both like each others stuff very much

yet…. we also got along just famously

we had lunch in bondi

he even came to pick up the woofle at the school with me

he came round my place

hey evie i say to evie (duh!)

remember how you and aurora used to tell me to stop playing the gutter brothers (sic)

(one of gregs projects was the gutter twins)

(i gave their album apparently too good  a flogging!)

evie says yeah

i say well this is a gutter brother introducing greg…

eve goes a king shade of crimson…i mean she would have made a beetroot look pale!

greg says yeah why’d you tell him to stop playing my music…??!!

eves red redoubles (eve becomes scarlet!)

then greg smiles and says nah i’m just joking…and puts her at ease…

we walk around bondi a bit

we have a little jazzy stuff

and gregs standing in the middle of the road taking pictures of stuff

we rap about songwriting all the time

gregs going to tell me a line of mine he really likes

but our conversation digresses and digresses

weaving around songs and words and tunes and records

yeah when we played here or there …

yeah do ya know such n such…? etc

anyway we take scarlet home

we drive out to the gig

i feel like we’ve known each other for ages

in person he has not disappointed me

his songs are real

hes a diamond geezer

we rehearse one day 

its so fucking loud

I’ve heard quieter jumbos taking off

i return later  and watch the whigs play half their set

we were gonna do one day last but thats too late for me

so i’m going on in the middle

i still gotta get my woofle to schoolio tomorrow after all

and she’s a hard woofle to handle sometimes (i’m thinking bout letting her know!)

anyway the whigs are a great band of course

dulli is a powerful soulful performer

his voice permeates the room

that warm snarling profane hoarse incredible masculine voice

a real baudelaire as I’ve written in a short article soon to be in magnet

gregs words are never accusatory without being first self-accusatory

he finds the good in the evil

he finds the evil in the good

when he’s high and raving no one is higher

when he’s broken and weary no one is more weary

as he said

songs that make you feel something you can’t explain

i love gregs songs

i love the whigs

i love the twilight singers

i love the gutter twins

i love his one solo album amber headlights

hes a great guitarist too

he understands the use of the mellotron

we have begun to tentatively discuss working together

i really believe if it happens it will be some record

i mean we are both exactly on the same page here

we both want to make music that makes you ache

so lets hope this one happens

i want to do this

i have a funny feeling about it

my old mate mark who originally turned me on to the twilights

he keeps urging me to get it done contact dulli and make sure it happens

he told me all along dulli and i could really kick each other

onto something transcendental

so if it happens…….

write to your senator and demand we make a record together



ps i did one day

it was loud

i jumped around

the people liked it

very addictive!




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