posted on August 3, 2006 at 3:36 pm

good morning baby fiendss
oh sk sleeps for a long time
from 2 in the morning
to 10 am or so
8 hours o solid sleep
strange dreams
(what would ya expect???)
staying in the doubletree hotel
with a big tepid swimming pool
whatta shame
i cant swim in there
its like a chlorine n wee wee soup
a primordial brew
maybe a new kinda life is a brewin’ in there
oh oh i miss my icebergs
the clean cold water….
anyway its a million degrees outside
and humid beyond belief
its florida in the middlo summer….
the gig last nite was unremarkable
house of blues somewhere in dizzknee world
nice gig
nice people
nice dressing room
the audience seemed half with it
i dunno
they pays their money
they takes their chances
meanwhile the end of the world is startin up
over in the middle east
what does it all matter if some olde groop
hazza good gig or not
a load more innocent people are dying
i guess i just dont understand
i guess mel gibson is more important
another pissed antisemite swerving all over the road..
but offisher im melly gibshon….
of course im drivin’ all over the plaishh
im fuckin drunk aint i?
i look out from the lobby where i sit
palm trees sway in the warm breezes
a million reclining beach banana chairs
wait for some pudgy sunburnt floridian bum
the flowers twinkle twinkle
lovely big bees doing their gig
what do they care for gibson n his shenanigans
umbrellas,billboards, miles of traffic,
a hurry-cane out to sea maybe?
hurry-cane chris
(whatta pathetic name for a hurry-cane..should be brutus)
soon we will climb in our vehicles
drive on to st petersburg,fla
another gig
another dollar
another spliff
another glass o booze
another corn chip n salsa
another version of under the blah blah blah
another another
its all seeming meaningless fiendss
im detached
im standin outside my self sayin’
why why why
not enjoyin it
not hatin’ it either
just on auto pilot
too much drink n smoke
not enuff yoga n chi gong
no swimming at all
no real exercise at all
small resentments building up
the politics of it all
keep my lip buttoned
dont get involved in arguments
do what i need to do
keep my head down outta the firing range
my orange juice is fake
despite the little smart arse who sold it
assuring me it was real
any resemblance between this muck n real oj is coincidental
couldnt even muster up real juice in florida…?
the fuckin’ home of oranges
cant open hotel window….pathetic idea
cant have a cold shower…ditto
why do things go so wrong
why did the u.s.
which started as the bastion of freedom n free choice
end up with the following choices…
kfc, mcdonalds,bugger king, starbux, subway,
wherever ya go
from maine to arizona
theres ya choices
and itll taste the same
the same lardy olde donut
the same greasy carcinogenic bit of dead chook
the same cardboard burga with rotten bit o chemical meat
the same obese sorry kid serving up the muck
is this the great america and her freedoms
the freedom to have the same rubbish everywhere ya go
why go anywhere
when its all the same olde tripe
a starbux
a room with no opening windows
a dirty tepid pool
why not stay at home
crack open a beer
watch the baseball
grow a beer gut
tune in to cnn
and catch the end o the world
24 hours a day
7 -11
with ice

thats it
see ya 2 morrow

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