posted on January 21, 2007 at 1:13 am

heya feendz
im sitting at adelayde aeropoort
reddy to fly to mell-bjorne
yessaday morning i got up at 530 to blog to ya
but the bloggething was gone
yessaday play with pretenders n paul kelly
at this wine-a-rie in s.a. 2 hours from addy
we were pretty good i thought all things considering
people seemed to like it
chrissy is slim n young lookin’
her music was perfect
she played all the singles
no transcendence
no attempt at that
just knock out the hits
thank you very much
see ya later
paul kelly was suitably ordinary
i mean hes ok….
but nothing to get all excited about, thats for sure
tim chatted with martin chambers
chrissy seems a bit of a loof
on a bit of a star trip
but what wood i know…?
anyway i gotta get on a plane here
we headlining the harvest festival tonite
it could be raining too
sorry this has been a bit bland
will write back when i get next internet connexion
see ya later

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