posted on April 29, 2012 at 3:54 pm

" the storm streamed into his veins and a dark electricity crackled in his voice"

mama got the white hippy moses blues again

got the serpent can’t get the staff

down where the bull rushes to escape the bolt

yet i walk in this shadow approaching a fault

a fissure of men oh what black chasm

i tell you on the edge of eternal orgasm

i see you over there all implication

winter has spiked the cliffs and shot black stuff in

oh i shudder although i’m still

oh i scream although i’m silent

oh i fly although i’m earthbound

gods energy uh huh gimme a fix

god don’t keep it to yourself

my head is an anchor deep in the sea

i’m drowning my soul that crawls to be free

with one blast comes anger

with one blast comes rage

with one blast comes malice

from some long past age

the war locks himself inside himself

yes the ocean cocooning all within its atmosphere

in dreams i wriggle through these lives

desperate for my reward hanging out for that hit

high on this hill i was ready for it

the valley seems distant and fading a bit

its funny i can’t remember any of it

just as its beginning i had to quit

pull on a head none of em fit

pull on protection from over the pit


see me tomorrow when my bones knit



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