posted on September 22, 2006 at 9:00 pm

i am the white hippy moses
yonder lies the land of soy milk n manuka honey
i am a stoned martyr of space rock
st steven the second
the time being
some name me the freckle faced killah
others invoke me as sk
sometimes nevets when things are in reverse
i have been sent to sing this lullabye for you
i am the alpha
and the centauri
i am also a virgo with type o blood
my drivers licence expires 22/11/2006 A.D.
i have escaped from the “straights”
and i lead my people across the desserts
and wilda-nesses
out of slavery to gossip mags, tv and boy bands
i have parted the sea of mundanity
these are the commandments of my decka-logue
1 thou shalt not kill or eat killed things
2 thou shalt turn off tv +microwave+gasguzzlah
3 thou shalt buy all my merch n dice
4 thou shalt send free space rock cds etc to po box 7779,
bondi beach, nsw aust2026 but probably get no thanx or
5 thou shalt do yoga chi gong swim-swim n walk evareeware
6 thou canst smoke the sacramental herb whenever you like(baybee)
7 thou shalt attend enmore tivoli n whatever it is in mellbin(if poss)
8 thou shalt try n understand
9 thou shalt not worship actors
10 a big fat hen

i am anathema to unimaginitive turkeys
in my right hand i hold the bottle of grape juice
in my left i hold the fender bass
52 years in the southern hemisphere
my veneers have been blasted by the sun and wind
my methods are random n chance
a real idiot savant
i stumble around in sound
and come up with my humble offering
to the great ones gone before me
yer lennons
yer dylans
yer bolans n bowies
yer floydwinds n enos
yer harleys n nelsons n stranges
yer foxxes
yer krautrockers
yer youngsteens n tomverlainesmith
i am the intersection of all these things
where parallel lines do truly converge
ancient nineveh n magnetic fields
i am the anachronism
i am king midas sideways
i am the reasonable reason
the unanswerable answer
those who seek me are few yet well rewarded
a high n lonely destiny said the nephews magician
i have delusions of grandeur
i have an ipodd in a black rubber skin
i have it on now as i listen to mare vaporum
if you think youve heard space rock
wait till you hear mimesis my children
i am determined to explore other realms n possibilities
i do not, have not let feeble minded criticisers
sway me from my mission
i am an egotistical yet modest man
i am old yes but so much younger than most
i came into this world 13 9 1954 A.S.K
i have been around much much longer than that
so too you my flokk, if you could but beleave it
i am the summoner of racquets with my 4 string wand
i wander slightly ahead of the kick
i hover n i glide n i propel
i am the surrealistic pillar
i am the king edward lear with my five daughters
i am a lewis carroll on drugs
i am aseeking xanadu
i am a refugee from politics wars n fluoro office wasteland
i am the 1st son of a 1st son of a 1st son
i am a son of a gun and a son of a bitch
i love to talk about myself
i love to make grand pronouncements
i love to be loved
i hate to be loved
i hate to be hated
but i never love to be hated
i protest the right to do what i want with my own consciousness
i dispute anyone anywheres right to kill anything for any reason
i love space rock
i love naive painters
i love arthur rimbaud n dylan thomas
i love cs lewis n melvyn peake
i love the twilight zone n
manuel on the isle of marvels
i need subtlety sometimes
i crave fine thoughts n original thinkers
i am forgiven at last
i am trying
i am leading you towards….?
i am the white hippy moses
amen jewel

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