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the voice of god is almost silent

drowned out by thunder

the chatter of women

the brute guffaw of man

the groaning beasts

pounding of the surf

life thirsty for flesh

pulls on a suit of bones

fell angel

green alligator

archer fish

little tiger

all move within existence and its ellipses

heir to these pre-existing conditions

yet somehow

every creatures mask hides a tiny unique aspect of the one

the one who can be barely glimpsed

the one who is everywhere but nowhere to be found

genius god idiot god

god of everything as everything is in god

you cannot put him in a book

he will not be contained within a myth

he will not be killed upon a cross

he doesn’t favour one crowd over another

why do i call him he?

god is not male

god is not jealous

god is not remorseful or ever angry

my god is an artist spreading himself over galaxies

he shows himself in everything

its more obvious than obvious maybe why we don’t see it

god sings up the worlds

they flow from his pores

god never toils god never rests

his language is simple like the wind in the fields

his language complex like the fragile multiverse in immanence

time beyond time folded in on itself

a layer of dreams and illusions

the dance of maya shrouds us in mystery

we struggle and thrash against unseen foes

we imagine the worst in defeat and in triumph

we’ve gone so far off the track but which track was that..?

what am i saying exactly i’d like to know…

i’d like to know who puts all these words in my head

i’d like to know who guides my hand on my axe

i’d like to know who my children used to be

before they were rolled back into this world

reincarnation i take it for granted

we have all lived before we will all live again

we die and we die but what does it mean?

i’m only a poet i really don’t know

i only know how to make the words rhyme

i ask all the same questions all of the time

love is the answer i hear someone say

so profound to be meaningless

what should one love?

love a god you never can see?

whose voice is so nearly silent in your roaring heart

who people blame for all stupid things

dont blame the bloodthirsty popes on god

the ones who cut off peoples noses for jesus christs sake

dont blame god for the crusades and jihads

he must laugh his socks off at conceits such as these….

do you think that god smiles as he looks upon earth

and sees the slaughter of the dumb beasts

dumb in that they can’t plead for their lives in spanish or english

or in japanese or hebrew or arabic or french

blood on our hands

knee deep in filth

we hammer out the brains of gentle cows and lambs

we invent new ways to electrocute chickens (oh how fucking noble?)

we clog up rivers with clotted gore and guts

we breed misery and anguish in pens and cages

just to bring people meat

i wonder if god thinks that thats kosher?

i wonder if god thinks thats mercy in action…?

i wonder if it says in some bible its ok….?

i wonder if some tosser in 400 BC

had some religious rationale for the killing of beasts…?

i really must smile at the ridiculous notion

that a god who created this unimaginable creation

so perfectly strange

as if this same god

this titan of craftsmen

this nebulous spirit that works in vivid matter

would see this or that tribe stumbling about in some land or other

and give them carte blanche to do whatever they liked….?

how convenient is that?

but what about everybody else….?

oh baby no one gotta mortgage on god

no bishop dressed up in foolish buffoonery

fresh from the wine and fine food

covering up dirty secrets that keep leaking out

you really think

that the one god is trusting his secrets to turkeys like this?

or to terrorists or klans or idiots a’knocking on yer door

trying to sell you some preposterous story about boney moroni

phoney baloney

do you really think thats how things go down?

do you really think we have the capacity to understand even the smallest bit of this

all meat is murder

all bombs are terrorist

all wars are sordid butchery of our finest young men

you really can’t trust the people in power

most are the worst the very worst you could find

we see that over and over again in history don’t we…?

its a shame history isn’t one long uneventful boring old yarn

where nothing nasty ever happened no glorious wars

no one invaded none put to the sword

no firing squads no napalm no spears

no stukas no lockheed starfighters

no missiles pointed out into space

no hannibal no napoleon no caligula no bush

no mao tse tung no kaiser bill

no richard the lion heart

and none of the rest

what do they ever do but get us killed?

i preach take it easy

i preach let it go

i preach don’t drink vodka cause it will ruin you so

i preach get SKP so i can make some more dough

i preach because who will if i don’t….?

will anybody?










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