posted on April 26, 2007 at 3:25 pm

strange life
strange daze indeed
what would i know
yessaday i visit christiana
boy things have changed within copenhagens weed compound
the cops did a big raid n closed down all the stalls
now ya gotta buy it off guys who look kinda nasty n desperate
its still there
but now its more expensive furtive n dangerous
nice work
gee that sure sorted em all out
2 hundred years ago there was no smuggling drugs
you could walk around high on whatever ya liked
there was no customs looking for hashish n opium n coca leaves
you could do whatever ya liked
no one had yet thought to intrude
on this last frontier…mans personal “headspace”
that is, some prick in a government
telling me n you what we can do…
ok its bad for us
let people take their chances the way they do with booze n cigs
booze n cigs killed more people than heroin has or ever probably will
so anyway in the early 1900s
i guess some smart little ratbag in the u.s.
realised they could seriously be able to clamp down
on certain groups…need i say
blacks, the poor, artists, bohemians,libertarians etc
by making dope illegal
ya could bust this lots balls
but your wasp folks would be fine
cos they didnt mostly do drugs
they just drank
christiana was a shadow of its former self
there was hardly any choice
everyone had same little baggies
100 danska kroner for a cuppla spliffs
bout the same as a 20 in sydney i guess
why is an otherwise law abiding
peace loving man such as myself
forced to consort with crims
jus’ so i can have a smoke
or whatever
cmon leave me alone
lemme decide whats playing in my head
cos i dont dig this “straight” world youve constructed
im too big a goose to fit in yer cage
thats right im a goose
but i aint no chicken
so why are the turkeys dick-tating their alpha male jive
to such personages as ourselves?
no i will choose what i do with mah own brain
even if it means breaking some petty rule
that theyll laugh about in 100 years
just like these days ya cant believe
all that other persecution that gets dished out
and its always these same old guys
these bitter stupid old bastards
deciding which war youll fight
what drugs ya can n cant take
(eg no weed …er have a valium)
because it has been determined
that the need to change consciousness
is only in third place behind foodnshelter and procreation
thats right
i have a god given right to alter my consciousness
it is a deep need within me
i use this change to create the music n words
that are the reason i presume
youre even reading this twaddle
unless youre my mother
in which case she hates drugs
fair enough
she doesnt take them
but she once offered to stop drinking tea
if id stop shooting junket
unfortunately i never took her up
copenhagen was a good gig
no it was really good
really good on every level
austria was the best so far for me
but c-hagen was still pretty goode
i was talking about “princess” mary of tasmania
n the locals yucked it up beaucoups de ha ha ha
i was straddling n sprawling about
in a vain effort to look exciting
but as someone said
looking like a buddhist ski instructor
or something
anyway good luck to her
hello d’yer come here often…im the fucking prince of denmark, baby!
i mean
thats gotta be a better aphrodizzy-ack
than hi im stanley and im a clerk in the public service from croydon
howcome no princess ever discovered me
in some bar in sydney
muse: youre never in a bar for a start…
yeah its true i hate bars
except muesli bars with spelt bing-bangs
anyway driven all the way down south in denmark
across on a ferry to deutschland
n now backstage here in the knust club
n writing to ya as we speak
at this very very moment
i had pomme frites on the ferry n watched the propellors go round
on the misty coast of germany
i stood in the sun n fresh air
and the sky n sea both blue…royal blue
and the northern spring is unseasonably warm
its 27 …
but people are determined to enjoy it
hamburg here i am
the most visceral n sordid of germanies cities
but very bohemian
more chaotic
more wild
what you want mister?
they got it here….
whats that?
oh yeah plenty of that too
thats it for today

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