posted on November 16, 2006 at 4:39 am

northern bondi
i’ll let you in on my thoughts
took miss aurora to orthodontist
he xrays her
he puts ice on her tooth
still cant decide says ye olde tooth-quack
could go either way
come back in 2 months
150 bucks thank you
still in the dark with the tooth
we practise healing visualisation every nite
after a couple of pages of the silver chair
(we have to be gay exclaims the marshwiggle was written in the 50s..
WHAT?! ask the doodles)
after that we try n imagine
how happy auroras tooth is back in its gum
i dunno if itll work fer sure
but it sure cant hurt..
i dunno if im sposed to preempt this record
the chreurch are working on
i dunno
someone might be angry if leaked it..
what the hell
in response to pubic demand
we are doing el momento the second
but thats all im saying
look for it in the new year
it aint finished yet anyway
some of the stuff ll surprise ya
including a version of a beautiful australian song
from about 1984
in the interests of those who like to
witness my inner tussle
heres some stuff about the blogg and 2211
there is a good case to close it down
leave em wanting more someone wrote
itd be neat abrupt artistic and achingly final
we’d all miss what goes on here
our community would be fractured
but so what…?
nothing lasts for eva
on the other hand
there have been some serious calls for an extension
a postponement of the inevitable
but thats life anyway, baybee
and ya see
i aint ever gonna dry up on ya
im just getting better n better
cmon aint it the truth….?
(he says in all modesty!)
my life is guaranteed to generate “blogge-fodder”
just think
the twillies arrive in less than a month
then theres the pretenders
the wineries
more new records
my new play (a-ha!)
the day to day blah blah of life chez kilbey
so it aint like you even seen the best
a mooted tour of eastern bloc
fuck imagine the stories im gonna beam into
yer homes from transylvania..
maybe i’ll bump into peter murphy there…ha ha
look the good stuff could keep coming
and now
we get
and i aint gonna pull any pinches
i never never xpected
or could have fourseen
what this blogge is today
(insert your own idea of what it is here)
but its turned into something
all with your help
i wouldnt write this tripe if no one read it, would i
i work on it 1-2 hours a day
and i thought
after a years free trial offer
i would accept voluntary contributions
for a trial six month period
to see if can earn enuff filthy lucre
off this thing
to keep my greed n avarice satisfied
although we do not have an extravagant lifestyle
what with my bad publishing deals
and silly mistakes
and my former addiction
and moving here n there
i earn less than yer average clerk
and its an uncertain n precarious thing
so im thinkin i could put a paypal on here
i could suggest a voluntary contribution of 1 dollar a week
you could pay in advance (or at anytime you like)
26 aust buck
(if you want, if you think its worth 15 cents a day)
but if you think thats a capitalist move
undermining my preachy bohemian baloney
then you can
a) keep reading fer free
b) fuck off
c) start yer own bloody blogge
some important things to remember
the blogge must be daily
that is an intrinsic necessity
for someone of my temperament
if i have a choice of not doing something
i will usually choose not to do it
ie i must swim every day
if i give myself leeway
i’ll never go down the pool
so dont write in and say
dear nevets
just blogge when ya feel up to it
you olde man of the sea
but ya see
i will never feel up to it!
its daily mandatorily!
this blog is no chore for me
i put so much love into it for you
and i feel like i know you…almost
and some of you i do know
i think its reasonable
to make it possible
if for some odd and strange reason
you would like to see this blogge continue
and grow n prosper
if ya dig shakespeare n hawkwind
if ya think jesus is just alright
and ya kinda dig lord vishnu
if ya like cranky olde hippy dribble
stoned deeply meaningless rambles
prose poems, poetic prose
war stories
dissection of music biz
personal stuff
explosively inspired purple prose
sad olde man lonely n poignant
inside the murky wurkings of my groop
tributes n trashings
character assassinations
and fawning glowing gushing praise
then you can contribute
or not
i m not gonna see who is and aint
after six months i’ll see how i fell
is that may 22 007 little darling?
thats what im thinking of doing…
suggestions please…
by all means anonymously
if you wanna say yes or no
and not be derided by our more
“enthusiastick” comrades
so there ya go
a rough show of e hands
it dont mean yer committing to nothing
im just curious
and even if ya say yay or nay
i may
still do the oppozite
lemme hear ya now…
come on
down the back
whaddya want ta happen?
time john yeblick erskine neumann

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