posted on July 25, 2006 at 12:05 am

where are you now
a long way away
off in the distance
turned into a point
a speck in a void
a wave in the heat
the desert has engulfed me
i tried not notice
im shaking sand and pebbles out of my pockets
im walking in the sun and the rain
don van vliet
the vastness of nothing
suddenly i miss my home
i miss the ocean
i panic lazily
why am i here
this inferno is swallowing me
the englishman inside me is blasted
the australian is not so surprised
dry dusty trail
at the end of the rainbow another road
i am a drifter
shabby directionless temporary
i am a hermit in this desert
at the foothills of the mountains
i seek the philosophers stone among the twisted trees
the motels were mirages
the ice machine has melted
the carcasses of cars strewn over the sand
the memories of the good times
everything full of dust
the heat welcomes me like an old friend
the haze accelerates towards me as i sit here
out here where its nowhere at all
where are you now
im here in the shadow of the overpass
where 10 heads east and south
here amongst the black tarry stones
and the rusty cans
here where we laugh at the sun
everything has been fried, mister
nothing works here anymore
sure sure
take whatever you like
somebody else ‘ll come along if you dont
somebodies painted a bad picture of me
its already tomorrow and here i go
clouds gather
monsoon sends down a few huge drops
the monsters in the hills come out to drink
the rivers swell and flood
i need some medicine man
i need to escape from myself again
i need to run and run and run
down these carpeted corridors
and i need to find my door
i need to find my room
and then i’ll just have it made
then i can just coast
and the churning airconditioning
will freeze my headache


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