posted on February 2, 2007 at 8:17 pm

today is bimbadgen winery
the last gig of pretenders tour
chrissie said “nice gig” or something to me
as i walked off last night
then she thanked us from the stage
its sad i woulda liked to have been her friend
i mean we both vegans
we both vehemently anti-meat
we both olde
we both play in bands
you see…we had a lot in common…
fair enough
but i guess im gonna kinda miss her…..
and …wow….
whatever ya say about her
shes unique
she picks up her guitar n opens her mouth
and out comes something no one else can do
and shes a cool woman in a blokey boring showbiz world
today im taking the whole fambley up to the winery
tims daughter bryn ‘ll be there too
shes a few months younger than the doodles
she looks like a 3 rd doodle too
anyway i guess kelso ‘ll be there too
with his sentimental bloke routine
and the chirch
rocking in the wilderness
under fair blue skies
before the pissed punters
scoffing down the fucking claret n merlot
the sweet stickies(bimbadgen the best)
the cab savs
the shiraz baybee
whatever i dunno what those punters get pissed on
but we get em at 5 in arvo semi pissed n in the sun
rocknroll my brethren
supporting the nicest man in the world
and the best chicksinger ever with about 25 hits
theres the chirch
in the sun
in the rain
standing in a carpark in ohio
or coming to a deadend in the snow in norway
or a midnite cafe in cologne
or a trailer at a festival in orange county
stopping for a can of red bull in arizona where its a hundred n fifteen degrees
hanging round a rat infested alleyway out the back of 9.30 club d.c.
driving thru hail
alien sightings
missing members
breakdowns n start-ups
oh god we’re going the wrong way
no seats on plane
baggage complaints dept
is there anything vegetarian ? dept
but thats only 2 n half hours sleep! dept
the early morning wake up
but you cant wake up
standing in a market square in italy miming tantalized
on a tv show in rome knocking out reptile thru tiny amps
making a video next to a weir in victoria
flying into paris lonely at dawn
hostile customs officers grope thru my belongings
a cafeteria somewhere a fly lands on a sandwich
jumping in the cab saying goodbye goodbye goodbye
up all night on a ferry with a lucky streak playing roulette
black 13
in the mud at roskilde
on flat green lawns in holland…pop in the park
arguing in a marquee in dallas
or bumping into damien lovelock at an airport
or seeing thom yorke shopping duty free at heathrow
or having to flush my stash in switzerland n then NOT getting searched
doing yoga on a stairwell in florida looking out over ft lauderdale
standing outside a hotel having a fire drill
stopping for a wee on a lonely stretch in queensland
visiting somebodies mum somewhere in connecticut on thanksgiving
but our black busdriver wouldnt come in
sitting in business class on finnair with a crying aussie roadie
all the business men crossing n recrossing their legs
getting my guitar nicked in nyc
the sumptuous dressing rooms
the tiny black holes of horror
being accosted by complete idiots
being loved so much that youre hated
being disappointing
being ordinary
being tired
being in time

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