posted on August 24, 2006 at 12:11 am

well what do you know?
no tell me what you know…
the bluesman
greyday coldfeeling
still travelling but not moving feeling
everything a little outta focus
like someone smudged my world
i gotta lotta things to think about
i started out one thing
i ended up another
26 years ago i was a malchick
demanding the spoils of this world
now im an olde hippy somehow become
a locus which disparate individuals occaisionally frequent
you think you know who i am
the more you think you know me
the less you do
its a new guy here everyday folks
ruefully surveying the wreckage
eyeing up the opportunities
making notes
november 22 looms like a maw for ya!
my darling mother told me she read all my u.s. blogs
“first thing everymorningson” joycie says down the phone
sorry bout the swearing mum i guiltily offer
“thats allright son ” she says
“i’ll never change you n you’ll never change me”
tell me then dear mother
why did i not inherit that cool quality of yours
of never getting all nostalgiac or schmaltzy
or emotional or all carried away with yerself
i wish i had your detachment
but maybe growin’ up in the blitz can do that for ya…
ah but my dad, he was a nostalgic cat
he anticipated n felt loss
when the holiday ended
when the evening with his friends would draw to a close..
it was from my dad i got that side
and from my mum i got resilience
and a good english sense of when something
was a load of bloody old nonsense
i was telling joycie today
that more n more
i rely on my dads approach to life
particularly in dealing with strangers
he had a jokey way of putting people at ease
i remember once
in a workshop in fyshwick canberra
i was waitin for my dad to do somethin’ or other
and this bloke there introduces this geezer to my dad
and my dad says oh yeah n you got a pretty wife havent ya?
and this geezer says (weirdly)
yeah n you can fuck her if ya want….
and my dad looks around slightly bemused
and says
no thanks, im not that kinda bloke
now i reckon it was the perfect rejoinder to this
aussie yobbos weird little mindgame
and he delivered it with such timing
n you know
maybe i was the only one in that room who appreciated
my dads wry humour…
but i dunno
thats how im tryin’ to deal with this, dad, if you read my blog out there
and with the kids too, dad
all your olde lines
i love to say em
i love to tell em off the way you told me off
like half a joke
the way that got joycie so mad
when you were sposed to be “chastising that child, les”
thats my strategy with this fuckin world , dad
play it fer laughs like you did
all that poutin’ n posin’ n carryin’ on
is fer turkeys
this is my real life
n my dad woulda loved to go round
n played his piano in theatres in the u.s.
and he woulda tolda loada gags as well
so ive turned into some kinda english vaudeville
down the enda the pier comic as well
im letting this thing go wherever it wants
i cant be bothered tryin to control it
if its funny so be it
if its tragic ya gonna get both barrels
if its psychedelic hold on to yer carpet
if its real its gonna be hyper real
if its bullshit ya gonna know straight away
im a handsome olde devil may care got nothing to lose
vagabond scruffy hippy trippy namedropper
oh well steve, you just wont believe me today
i aint australian
i aint english neither
im old but im not wise
but im fuckin wise to you sunshine
dont come the raw prawn on this blogg-king
im back in the low 20s on the charte
the tours over n now everything will slump
no no fiends
think of the gallons of drugs im gonna do
the songwriting contests
the solo gigs
the crunches aust electric tour
all the yoga
all the chi gong
all the arcane quotes from yer fave songs
my sublime reinterpretation of hinduism
to justify my hedonistic bohemian carryon
come on nevets pull the other one
they gonna keep coming back
its just dawnin’ on ya isnt it you olde fraud
they like this stuff you write everyday
take it easy olde bean
strike a pose
do a painting
pull whatever the hell that is outta yer toe
grow up!!!!

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