posted on August 28, 2007 at 8:20 am

scarlet moon
pretty as you are
fall down on me
a mortal man
a musician a fool
a spring in a weary land
the treetops and little blue eggs
majestic raven on the wing
over the cold oceans currents
where i bathe
amidst the rollers and the weed
where the shells lie under sand
and glass worn smooth
salt that clings to my skin
and little fishes go by
and night comes down gently
like a woman coming down on a man
delicately the night straddles earth
and envelopes it in a warm dark embrace
it flaunts a huge swollen moon
and twinkling stars
a night dedicated to love
mosquitoes have appeared
in the blackness and the shadows of night
around little ceramic flowerpots
where the plants exhale oxygene
orchid moon
cactus moon
money tree moon
if only we could fly
my baby
if only we could skim thru that shifting air
if only we could leave at will
never mind
tonight love is in the stars
tonight that begins now
as i turn off this computer
and stride over stride
i walk away

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