posted on August 11, 2016 at 8:55 pm


home in sydney now back in coogee beach

so much work to do but so reluctant to do anything much

havent eaten much…lost so much weight

havent slept much…lost a lotta brain matter too

yeah went a little crazy i suppose

it all caught up with me

america seemed hot and dry and strangely empty on the streets

i didnt always have the best night every night either

maybe i hit the edibles too hard.

after all we were in all the legal states one after another

stupid old killer like a kid in a candy store

smoking weed eating it putting it on as lip balm

hand lotion

lozenges pills and watermelon pot shake

yeah i did em all n all n all over again

stoned fucking immaculate

a law unto my own troubled self

yeah baby rocknroll

i got sick of the bus a bit

i got sick of all the endless waiting around

and the tediousness of soundchecks

i never get sick of the lovely audiences and our VIP fans

anyway its all over and done now

now i got bowie shows round oz and golden greats

and even something else

which i will confirm once its 100 per cent

the hardest working idiot in show biz folks

steven j kilbey with the red nose the wispy hair and the sexy elbow

yeah you know who i am

sure you do!

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