posted on November 30, 2005 at 2:36 am

people and other beasts
its wodens day
the allfather
one eyed and keeper of the ravens
a woman said hey woden i wanna get with you
he said
i will accept you neither clothed nor naked
i will accept you neither fed nor empty
i will accept you neither in company nor alone
she came dressed in a fishing net, with an onion in her mouth and with a wolf.
i love scandinavian myths, people
check em out
do yerselves a favour
and throw away those gossip rags
throw away those sports mags
wodens wife had a dream that their son, baldur
would die
so she travelled thru the world making every single thing
animal. vegetable. mineral promise to never hurt him
then the gods would amuse themselves by hurling spears and stones
at him watching them turn away at the last minute
loki, the trickster knew however
that the lowly mistletoe had made no such promise
being considered un important and un able to cause harm
loki made an arrow of mistletoe
and persuaded a blind god, hoder to fire it at baldur
he did
and baldur ,who was his brother, died.

sorry bout that
but woden needed a plug

went on triple mmm this morning
loathesome experience
fbi tonite should be good
but what can i say that will not de mystify everything
am i actually just ruining things by saying anything at all
including this blog??
i should just shut up and get on with it
its not all dancing on clouds
i am not impervious

have you checked out my gilt trip cds
ie,,,bought a copy
its lovely stuff to paint or cook to
good for makin love to, lordy lordy
to yer sweetheart or whomever
you can buy em both
and let me tell ya
dec is a good time to do that
trust me
wink wink
some goode will come of it

turned up to mmm
jet were playing
ac dc on the telly
ole sk thinkin to his fine self
man you are in the wrong fuckin place
oh well
here i am
with my trusted confidants
schpilling the beans
you know everything my little crocodiles
access all areas
no remote inkling grazes the perimeter of my mind
than do i not rush to tell you all

sometimes im on a gig
and feeling rather good
i run to look at you
just like a pop star would
but you just stare right back
those dark accusing eyes
they say yer make ups good…….
you dont realize

my friend glenny boy said to give you his regards regardless

any way ive spoilt you all now with all this tripe

and i.ll be rite back tomorrow
same kilbey time
same kilbey channel
im off to see men about dogs
stevie baby
kiss kiss kiss

and please peeple
dont take drugs
send em to me

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