posted on October 11, 2012 at 5:23 pm

lime n limpet green

wander thru jasmine

wander thru honeysuckle

facade of doors that dont lead anywhere

cabins on a set with no inside or out

i imagine the rain that falls on the graveyard

i imagine the sunlight upon merman pools

i contain the rain and the sunlight

i contain nothing just a furtive imagination

the inside of the car is quiet

we watch the rain and silently know day

my how my arm is handed along shouldering fingered thumb

you see my mind took it all apart

my soul watches on

i stop outside a picture on a theatre

a man starts talking like he knew my life

i walk the wrong way if i wanna get to the future

i should be out there in pergolas across our lovely land

a fondue of blonde fondness fusses over me

my guitar is a lawnmower

my voice is a hammer

my tight pants on a letter box

my father said steven youre a bit daft

i was there for the long hall dad i say but my dad is gone

in newtown i walk through an endless weird shop

black skulls open up like clams

living flowers torturous clawing stem

oh my another winged genius rampant and resistant

a forest of clothes i fight my way through aisle after isle

stuffed faux animals with sad black eyes

why invoke this feeling of doom?

death intermingled with life

i mean c’mon

they are opposites arent they

i’m not so sure anymore

in empty frames i catch glimpses of  paintings of god

when i look through glass i see trees bending over brooks

on a wooden pencil case a scene from a 1950s childrens party

oh i jump in that scene and i stay there forever

yes thats me on that green lawn thats me waving so “gaily”

we used to say

once upon a time now today i forget when

i buy a five headed elephant and a saraswati grooving with a swan

i put my goddess up on her pedestal

i hang my self on your own petard

i look in amazement at bulletproof jacket and alligator leather

then time is gone

a wave of traffic disgorges me home

stumble out with packages from a wardrobe

i fall through the ceiling in a dream

when we’re approaching true south

afternoon says he’s sad

these shabby grey damp clouds have ruined my sky

and then the blew wind persists like thanatos

a magistrate appears

we take a dim view of this darkness …he begins

why thats preposterous ! screams a voice in my head

are we still in newtown ?asks someone else

the fronds ripple in the air in the sea

the feathers of fish insinuating fins

the eel movement rag out rock monster half time

the crazy world  within a tiny whole of water




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