posted on May 15, 2013 at 5:24 pm
joint chief of staffs

joint chief of staffs


a day without ugliness was declared

king stars and delicious sky

oh i feel it all ooze between the spheres

warmer than normal the womens love

the strapping men of the great steppes

snakeless writhing vegetal harvest morning

we throw open winters doors and a sun comes home

everyone fathoming existence deep down to its atomic nothingness

no more cruelty and violence

let life be exalted

let us move on from these regrets

the shallows with leaping fish

and diving birds

a poet somewhere knocking out his words

streets of lovely flowers

i have not forgotten appreciation and gratitude

every bud is the hand of natures god

each flat grey stone to be admired or thrown

in these heady days of forest

in these cool streams of opaline

why He is imminent and  immanent

oh yeah such a turned  on cat to think up all that

i say you dreamed it all up as you lay in a dream

i say you wave your hand and there it was

i submit therefore to inevitability only

yes that and you which are the same thing

the radical scrape of this whirling old world

has rubbed all the time of my prodigal clock

but the fruit laden pines with their lanterns and oranges

and the good happy crowds and the dark water lapping at the docks

and the postcard moment when you realise where you are

my mind suddenly relives old old times

strange times of being a boy and before it

when i was someone quite big and then no one at all

a rapid interior explosion of fracture

a slender chasm cracked in your mind

out comes years and years upon years

i must do something about that

it will only get worse





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