posted on November 19, 2012 at 1:16 pm

me n my woofle

working like the clappers on my album

twelve tracks and still more to come

gonna be a long album this one

sometimes little things slow ya down

a tambo part or a backing vocal

or just getting lost in the myriad possibilities of it all

standing there horizons stretching out in all directions

its hard to be simple sometimes when complexity beckons easily

but some tracks shouldnt have everything except the kitchen sink….

i hope you all will like it

a friend of mine called kitty-Q heard some the other night and pronounced it “GOOD!!”

its my first real solo for a while ok i’ll shut up now

the church is playing a corporate gig tonight

45 minutes

play now rehearse later

oh well its a living isnt it?

its better than working i gotta remember that

has anyone out there caught up with that book yet?

the book that i got the short story thingy in?

no…….? anyone out there ….?


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