posted on November 28, 2010 at 9:30 pm

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second sold out show at judith wright centre

finds the church relaxed and bopping on

things even out a little more

the gears start to lock into place

people remember bits and pieces that

are the icing on the songs cake

a flourish here

a tap there

a harmony a note a cymbal splash

i start to get into my songs characters

i try to imagine whos singing this song n why

i try to imagine whos listening

the bass becomes easier to play

my voice seems to linger in the air with less effort

oh how lovely to jam with jordens fantastic mixing

i hear my voice drift round the room in reverb

hanging there

and i can play around with it from the stage

just by giving more breath or more throat

the bass sounds big soft n warm

the way i like my bass to sound

my bass is a cushion for the song to sit in

the guitars and piano  are like the scenery and props

the drums are the songs engine

the words describe nebulous events



they are colours they are clues

clues to what oh i dunno

the song has no purpose except to make you feel good

how it does that even an old hand like me doesnt know

some voice told me to write songs

some voice i cant explain

my dad played the piano

my mum liked words

somehow that got mixed up in me

i saw the beatles i said fuck

i saw bobby dylan i said fuck

i saw rolling stones ditto

bolan n bowie ditto ditto

i go away for a while

when i come back i turned into myself

a voice says now

with all those aforementioned geezas in mind

go write some decent fucking songs

and at 16 i started

eventually i wrote something halfway decent

and bang thirty years flashes past

and we could do 20 nights at judy wrights

n never repeat one bloody song


whats more

theyd all be fairly topnotch songs

and the band ‘d do em proud

the guys are playing well you gonna enjoy this

all but 2 gigs now sold out on this tour

thanks that makes me feel good actually

we go up n down in popularity

but ok as long as its still possible to go up

yeah we played a pretty good show

i get on a roll with my jokes

at other times the spirit of comedy deserts me entirely

i definitely need to keep persevering

i could be a bit of a comic with a little more work

god suddenly i feel like i want to be good at everything

i want to serve my fellow human beings

by giving em a damn good show

wanna make em smile n cry too

and everything in between

yeah its gonna be a good tour

yesterday i went to eumundi market opposite joes w hole

i  got a foot reflexology from wendy sugars : highly recommended

boy i felt fucking stoned after that like i’d had a bag of real good drugs

i bought a wonderful painting of a caravan that was too cheap

125 bucks for an incredible original  piece of work

i bumped into my brother russell n amy  his missus n marlon my nephew

that wazza surprise

i bought 2 new hats

and i bought a cigar box guitar for 450 but the guy gave me a 600 one

a guitar with 3 strings made outta a cigar box well whattya know

played with a bottleneck and things on yer fingers (i havent got them yet)

some voice said buy this thing

i havent bought a guitar for years n years

so now im trying to learn to play it

its a lotta fun too

i’m gonna bring it out on stage as soon as i can play something good

meanwhile its a warm rainy night

skyped kids in sweden theyre good


thats it

canberra n sydney next

much love


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