posted on October 25, 2010 at 5:39 pm


the pendulum swings in its predicted arc

afternoon finds you with light as substance

and  your hair back an old time latticed A saint

intuitively forgetting everything just like i asked ya

out in the west its dirty and dry

i struggle to come up with even this

on the way to the citys door

microphoning along the burgeoned slip of a stream

my songs suddenly in sense-surround

i dream of vague wonders that twinkle out as i wake

fizzling in my lightly drizzled unsought thought

i vibrate gently under the room weight

i still think of harmony so far away

i scribble down something on a pad in a vestibule

i sit on another plane looking scared again

that night i hit a stage

like running into a wall like stopping dead

i assume my position the fetcher the carrier the uncertain one

bang goes drum twang throb move

some woman says something

i stop to listen

madelaine stowe screams silent in slo mo

someone edit my loop

someone come over bite

someone free these blondes someone pardon their sins

i hack through the redlight jungle

so dense on a rainy night

anxiety rides along watching me closely

a man says something

i understand he is very angry with me

i am not there i hear what hes saying tho

i sail overhead in my egotrap

i navigate the ways n why fors

i increase the bet

i shrink down small like im not at all

i must be hungry i am so empty

my recharge was unsuccessful

i should have followed the simple directions

i should heeded the prompts

morning began electric night ended nervous

the city swallows us the turbine carbides strangle

i crawl in the middle lanes as my plasma engine hesitates

i was a singer singing a song

a sing song sing along song

my song made em cry my song made em laugh

the words rushed out my throat i could not derail them

the words shot past my eyes

the words about the love in the song

i broke my songs back and i sent my song in shame

i researched my songs past

i showed up on my songs steppe

i touch my songs refrain with my mind finger

i was a some singer a singer gazelle a singer sunbeam a singer sowing machine

i was some singer singing in some silver shirt

i sang la la sha la la hi lo how do you know

im a strange person arent i ha ha ha

i sink my teef in to it

i sing baby baby baby baby baby baby baby

my winged words fly swift like darts

my crushed velvet knight his lance a lot

suitor for the sea nymph

waters wrong with this picture

i sing something about something good

i sang something bout something bad real bad

love wrong gone along song

a long along song

help you long your way

thats ok

its perfectly ok!

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