posted on September 21, 2007 at 1:20 am

read my zip
you useless stars
my energy is uncontainable
and it burns and returns
my soul slowly learns
even if this is a joke
well im laughing
all the way to the riverbank
all the way this time
nothings gonna stand in my way out
who was the one who told ya how the trick was done
look at that
what a great line
who was the one….
who showed ya…
yeah i like showed better than told
who should ya…
who showed ya what?
who showed ya how the trick was done
which trick baby?
which trick doth he mean?
well the clue is in showed, little pig
indeed it is
cos the trick and the show are one and the same
the same and the one show
where you get tricked
but you wanna be tricked
or is it part of the trick
that you wanna be tricked
one more trick in one more show
the killer steps up on the stage
the last stage outta town
the killer who has murdered poetry
the killer who mangled the music
the same killer who maimed art
the killer straps on his bass guitar
for the 10,000th time
he plugs in to 10,000 shocking volts
here is part of the trick
here in the show embedded with tricks
and hes showing you how these tricks were done
oh i thought it was part of the show you say
that hes showing us how the tricks are done
thats just part of the show, right?
yes thats right
i would wrongly say
the killer is showing you
that hes not tricking you
but if you do want a show
a little trickery may be a consequence
and tricks of the trade
and tricks of the light
and overtricks
and undertricks
magic tricks
hocus pocus
yes i know a few magic words
yes i know sutras for obtaining favour
yes i can command a small army of elementals
yes i can even induce the entire universe to change
all this power has unbalanced me
and now i’m mad
and being mad makes me angry
so im mad and mad
and ive put all this energy into my bass
its got a loada songs inside it
and the people in the songs
came out of their songs
while im on the stage
those songpeople with spidery voices
caressing up my basses neck
and curdling in my fingertips
these song characters made of music
made of solid stainless steel music
bulletproof music weighing in at 10,000 ks
the bass was rebelling under my hand
the hand that had fed it
the only hand it had ever known
the wood warped n woofed
the strings attached themselves
the frets frowned down and i fell a semi tone short
floundering in a sea of dissonance
i was a drowning drone in d flat
i was washed up on the shore like a dead b
a killed b
someone laughed
(was it you?)
they killed b flat
now hes diminished
seventh sealed
riffed over n out
scaffolding n skeleton crew
the stretched note
a long drawn out cadence
a conductor of lightning
a flash of ether burnt
smell of cordite
smell of ammonia
smell of electricity in ozone
sound of a shot
sound of a kiss
sound of the sea

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