posted on December 23, 2005 at 9:30 pm

i hate it when that happens
everything happening twice
im sorry for the inconvenience
just woke up
weird day out there
heavy leaden sky
already v. hot
already v. muggy
the kinda day the world could end
must drag mah self to pool
must do mah laps
must wake up
very quiet here in c and a-ms flattie
twillies asleep in their room
the pools gonna have a load of johnny-come-latelys there
i swim every day of the year
even when the water gets down to 13 c
where are all those summer swimmers then
where are all those bronzed turkees
when sk is swimmin thru the freezin’ brine…?
so you can see
how begrudgingly i share mah poole w/ these fooles
they swim fast in the slow lane
the swim slow in the fast lane
they clog up the sauna
and they lie around roastin their flesh
in an off- puttin’ way
its better than chlorine
nassty chlorine, my pets
i should gette going
im just procrastinatin’ now
why procrastinate now…?
when you could do it tomorrow…
im sure i’ll be back later
with part 2
it seems im up to 2 bloggs a day
not countin false starts
i guess i’ll catch ya thenne…

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