posted on January 5, 2010 at 8:20 am

not much to say
my life seems complicated beyond all reason
so many things to do
so many things to read to write
so many other things
the pressures off in some ways but
i cant relax
hedonism sucks me in
paranoia whispers
i give in to anger
i give in to inertia
have to force myself sometimes
my protestant work ethic has kicked in
after all the years when i didnt do much
i got loadsa things all on the boil
what about this
what about that
of course i got the kids
they demand and deserve time
they need guidance help n discipline
i battle with trying to make them exercise n be outdoors
the computers n tvs n ipods make laziness easy
elli n minna are complex personalities
elli is like a female me
if i was gorgeous blonde swedish and 18
the problem with being like me
is that you hate any one saying
oh youre just like me
so elli cant see thats shes like me
shes simultaneously smart n stupid
and mercurially switches between either
its a tightrope of diplomacy to talk with her
this seems to be a time of argy bargy
twice the paddywagon in my street
dealing with aggro booze fuelled domestics
demands a yob of his missus at 4 a. m.
on a very very quiet morning
he then demands more specific info in graphic terms
until another neighbour goes out on her balcony n screams
will you shuttup…..? i got kids in here….
I GOT FUCKIN” KIDS IN HERE ….bawls el yob in reply
there are arguments up n down the road in the hot steamy weather
dead pine trees litter the streets celebrating what….life…?
on a planet needing all the trees it can get…..what a shame….
i bought a new car today
fuck it
i need to drive about
i bought a 9 year old pale gold ford falcon station wagon
no frills
hope its not a pale gold lemon
i can chuck gear in the back
i can park in loading zones
its like tibor but a bit better
my musical gear arrived
what it is is nothing really exciting
i got a mic
i got some very good but pricey speakers
i got a focusrite interface
i got a keyboard n stand
n some other stuff
now i got no room for it in here
in this room where i sit n i type
i cant have a painting studio n a rec studio in one room
but i dunno what to do
blather blather
thats my stimulus spending spree over
i am an addict to the bubble tea thingies
had a dip in ocean today with biggle n starr
ah….thats it….

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