posted on September 20, 2013 at 6:49 pm


 robbery with violins

fiddle about

yeah i had a big strange week

the orchestra thing is shaping up to be huge

at least in musical terms

i really hope anyone in sydney will/can come along

its a once in a lifetime gig i reckon

then we have bard of bondi which’ll be the complete opposite

intimate and fun (i hope )

i spent tuesday sitting in a bar with rob younger from radio birdman/new christs

we were paid to sit and drink bourbon and talk about rocknroll

nice work if you can get it

neither of us got pissed

rob younger is a warm and self deprecating guy

radio birdman were a terrific australian band that started in about 74 75

the english press were not kind tho they shoulda been

i loved birdman myself

rob and i were surprised to have so much in common

we listened to same records and we loved the same people

dolls iggy etc

the whole conversation will be edited down to a five minute sequence on VICE tv

whatever that is

it was a fantastic day


work offers continue to pour in

i am falling behind again

so i should go and keep painting for my exhibition in LA

thanks for yer attention

aloha you screaming ninnies



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