posted on November 27, 2005 at 11:32 pm

oh my kilblings
did not enjoy last nite
so will not bore you with my complaints
except to say if you take the most esoteric group on earth
put em in an old woolshed
on a rainy sunday nite…. in wooly gong
well what dya reckon?
any one who didnt come…..good choice
however sydney will be brilliant……trust me my creatures
you will be in transports of delite
oh horrible music playing in internet cafe
weakening me
de energising me
sucking the life from my synapses
well eve and aurora looked very nice in their emd red tshirts
this morning
ha i’ll show the kiss army
even if i have to re populate the church army with my own progeny
and what about gene simmons hair?
how the fuck does that work?
its coming from every which way
like donald trump….
my mum went to school with jean simmons the actress
o trivia fiends
and um
well im running outta steam here
interview with the age tday
big melb newspaper
funny how our media clout is outta all proportion to our real size
i mean i been in the sydney m herald about 10 times in the last couple o years
i guess theres not too many other “articulate” rockers left here
only articulated trucks
oh sk , your massive intellect will yet be your undoing
i mean my iq is thru the roof
but my roof is leaking
i mean im a renaissance man
but this aint the renaissance, man
ha a self effacing egotist
a stupid genius
i am large
i contain contradictions
i look young and old at the same time
in my beard i have
1 the golden hairs of springtime youth
2 the black hard hairs of manhood
3 the snowy white hairs of approaching old age
im a good ole boy in touch with his feminine blah blah
if ya dont like what im writing here
this is my blog
and if ya dare to critisize it
im taking it home
and just gonna read and write for myself
@ newtown looming hard my sweeties
ah play on, sk, play on, my son
until then
you know how much i love you all
(except for the annoying little nuisances)

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