posted on July 21, 2012 at 8:28 pm

art imitates god


mimesis is an ongoing project involving me simon polinski

and a bunch of excellent musicians from melbourne

especially dave abiuoso and colin berwick

mimesis art imitating life was our first album

it came out in 2007 i guess without much fanfare

i had a listen to it today

impossible to describe really

huge tracts of music stretch out

my voice appears here and there  singing and whispering

sometimes the stuff has a dancey vibe

sometimes its jazzy with all the trimmings

sometimes it powers down into purring pink noise

while tubes and transistors hum and crackle

as the screen before you hooks up to the grid

the sound is lush and powerful

this is polinskis forte this sort of thing

my voice changes and morphs and rebounds

huge orchestras detune amidst polar seas miles and miles away

metallic ringing like tibetan bowls

in the chorused sky creatures seem to bark and babble

an electronic jungle overtakes us full of static and chattering

somewhere between dream a vision stream a consciousness

i’m saying all this stuff you know

in white i tell the story of a next life regression

yes you can go forwards too with hypnosis i guess

if you are directed to future lives i suppose

this is what i found



tranquility in seaside hives

pianos tinkle cymbals like the waves

monkish voices murmur somewhere away from us

everything is swirled into together and all in flux

like a dream in flux the stability uncertain

like a vision

i can’t understand my vision of the future

i saw it all thru someone called wendy’s eyes

filaments of broken transmission spark on and off out there

shadows of sounds at the corner of things

often some subtle menace pervades underneath the layered music

new things come out and disappear

the sky changes to dark

the power switches off

voice reflections in pools shimmering fizz

guitars feedback in passing storms

bongos and tablas tap on

unidentifiable instruments warp into each other

sometimes songs emerge from the music

brief bits of songs just a refrain or something..

pianos revolve devolve evolve

people searching for things and people

but nothing is fixed




i have acquired a small limited number of the original cds

i will include an original cd sized artwork with each copy

each copy will be signed

20 aust bucks plus within aust 5 bucks postage

outside aust 10 bucks postage

skp pay 15 bucks for cd but same postage rates

well there you go if you want one

if not no problem no need to apologise

pretty out there stuff …mimesis….go on…!

or maybe not

its not for everybody’s taste…….

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