posted on June 8, 2009 at 6:28 am

yeah baybees
im in the good olde usa
oh take me in promised land
lay yer milk n honey on this poor olde genius
well i’m here in solana beach so cal
in at the mansion of dan c
a very nice geezer whose read the bible
(cept for the boring bits of leviticus)
he had a veggie bar be queue
and i had a veg patty n a veg hot dog
a guy here has just used the latest gizmo n goo on my face
half my face is sposed to look younger now…but does it?
i tried the strawberry cough
i played pool
tomorrow we begin to re-hurse
a necessary evil
i apologise to my ears
i dream about mickey rourke
i walk on the slightly cold for summer beach
peter n trevor n i go to a juice bar
i have wheatgrass shot
i have mango peach blah blah smoothie
i wander round solana beach market
where you could buy life size leather dogs (why!?)
you could have
toe rings
woodlined stash boxes
boy scouts
church (not us)
un-ageing treatments
credit cards
rubber band guns
cancer research
great and hideous art
etc etc
we drive through winding canyon roads
my hotel is next to a construction site (as i foretold!)
a kid starting runnin round n bouncing a ball
at 7 am sunday morning
when i try to sleep of jet lack….
solana beach is like avalon beach kinda
thats it
stay tuned
this is the online diary of a rocknroll tour

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