posted on March 10, 2011 at 8:01 pm

improbable combination

outside sydney flies past

century on century

everything already forgotten

the life that had so much meaning

the show must go on

so you say

the flash fades

the clouds curdle

little stories going on in between everything

atoms smashed

details noted

space ahead of its time

we were all fools

now lets get back to work

except for the holidays

when we stand in a bar screaming at a screen that can never hear

content has been modified to fit the width of your thoughts

blurred sound

the confining frame

thin film

loads of gloss

an increased level of crime

the appearance of some indefinable lazy anger

i struggle with my distant regrets

i mean what would you do

eventually we drop out of the futures

drink a cup of kindness yet

xerox debris

travel trash

you jet some

you float some

return home

return address

the following damage

burnt myself trying to get warm

repeated myself but only once

harmed myself unarmed

all those drugs what you expect

cant remember the womans names

my account is empty

soon someone demands that you pay up

the phone rings on n on in a deaf mans home

the numbers are hidden

maybe i’m just seeing something in it

the weather is still

very warm

tomorrow something else

i kinda got used to being lost

and i found it





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