posted on January 18, 2010 at 9:31 pm

sheila chandra
a bone crone drone
doing yoga on the balcony in the early morning
what is the nature of this thing we call life ?
sheila chandra (moon) begins with a drone
the drone of her own voice
the drone of an organ
the drone of a string
the drone is maintained throughout
it modulates slightly
it is sometimes thickened with other drones
sometimes it moves upon itself subtly
but it is the one thing
the thing that the other sounds rise and fall upon
part of it yet different
they must be in tune with it
they wait until their moment in the music arrives
and they rise up from the drone
they play their part
they sink back into the drone
the drone plays on nonetheless
the foundation
the given
the cornerstone
the basic principle
the inescapable bedrock of the music
and i think of us all
springing from the drone of god
playing a little part
subsuming back into the drone
maybe coming back again as a reprise
or a motif
or a played out cluster of lovely notes
and the instruments have yoked themselves to the drone
and as the world itself is a complex interactive interacting machine
so are we
system upon system upon system
every system affects every other system
the west only beginning to realize this
but long ago in india
some clever cats who came at things from different angles
not your obvious angles
everyone can see the obvious angles
but only a few people can really think outside the box
the box of puzzles
the box of dilemmas
the box of maya and illusion
these cats these rishis
they intuit yoga
there you go
they did not invent it
they intuited it
they apprehended it in a deep still part of themselves
a part every human has
but you need an angle to get in
you get locked outta your house
you need a new angle to get in, right?
a locksmith maybe
someone whos studied ways to get into locked doors
so these cats these rishis these early yogis
they figure it all out
thousands of years ago
when the west was still picking its nose in a cave
they sussed it
yoke yourself to the one thing
whatever the fuck that is
dont stand around arguing about its name
we do not have the language to describe the truth
whatever it is
nor do we have the minds to understand
because this game is deep and complex
whilst being simultaneously dead easy
just like fight hard fight easy
you have to take it easy to do something very hard
it is hard to take it easy
vishnu says
i am, i am not
the whole structure is built upon these paradoxes apparently
yoga resolves the paradoxes
there are many yogic paths
the path of devotion yes
the path of knowledge
the path of physical yoga
physical yoga tunes up your physical body
we are spirits operating a physical body via a mental interface
just like a driver maintains his vehicle
we must maintain our physical vehicle
it must be tuned up
it must be stretched and bent and kept flexible
all those pathways within us
the neural
the electrical
the chemical
the invisible spiritual currents
all must be able to flow
all our different systems must be in working order
if we can
we can add an additive
like putting some enhancing agent in your engine
and that is yoga
and that is chi gong
and that is martial arts
and that is incredible athletic gymnastic or musical feats
so you soup up n customize your common or garden chassis
man if you work this system
your slow old lemon
could still turn into a jaguar
your sloth could turn into a mangy panther
and you put the time in
you put the overtime in
you get your rewards
more time in
more rewards out
what rewards? burps some sweet couch potato
oh man
synching up with the uni-verse
hows that for your reward
just that alone…why only a fool would refuse….
you got to get your heart pumping
you got to get your blood moving
you got to get your muscles strong
you got to get your mind still
quieten the cacophony raging in your head
you got to find a discipline
you gotta find your ticket to universal synchronization
maybe not the others
maybe not the barbarians out there doing their thing
but you who read my blog
who like my music
who find something in me that draws you back
i know you would want this thing too
to be more than you were
to surprise yourself and others
to improve slowly but surely everyday
improve at life
improve at what you can do
wrestle more out of your life
get a membership to the universal subconscious
i got mine
and i’m raiding it for ideas all the time
and sometimes
for the briefest moment
i feel god residing in his little chamber
in my heart of hearts

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