posted on June 10, 2013 at 12:11 pm
just me again

just me again

we had a great evening at the vanguard in sydney

me and martin kennedy

we did actually rock which was surprising

a great band featuring craig wilson on keys n guitar

lisa (lisa) gibbs on bass n b vox

michael evans-barker on drums

some early reports trickling through from america

seems some people over there are digging YAE

i stand by my opinion still

one of my best records and one of the best records out there

(of its type)

now its in the lap of them gods if anything happens with it beyond this

if only more people could find out about it….

we need some breakthrough somehow

nevertheless with or without that

it still is an amazingly beautiful and detailed disc

we’ve been getting great reviews too

but fuck

its a philistine world out there

just look at the cooking shows and the losing weight shows

and all the rest

i dont expect our lovely record to do well

not in this universe at least


i am proud of it

and wonder how martin n i can possibly top it

i thank all the people who bought it

and i thank all the people who came to melb and syd shows

and i thank martin for providing this music for me to sing over

anyway you never know

maybe sheer quality can still prevail against all the odds

(but i doubt it…)



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