posted on July 9, 2006 at 9:15 pm

here we go
all the way to the end……..
i dont have my fender six anymore (sigh)
but marty does…so i guess i can use it
the fender jazz is the rolls royce of basses
dear darkside
i reckon all creative moods are the same
you gotta disengage the ego a little
gotta tap in to that deep thing that knows good from bad
just different applications
love sk
anon 216 meddle
warner how are ya?
its hard to answer these very defining questions
someone will forever hold me to the one i choose here
i think priest /aura is a mastypiece
thats for sure
but sos ultc
and narcosis
“sk come in, this is yr ego calling….sk?”

abid abid.
i am attracted to melancholia
i guess an artist doesnt NEED it
but it sure helps….
poor olde fausty
i dunno
anon 248 i dunno
banquos ghost…thats the spirit
the weakest song is…….
ah its so weak
i cant bear to hurt its feelings anymore
a priest, a rabbi , a yogi and a buddhist monk all walk into
bar, the bar tender to them and says….
what ll it be?
jaime r

would love a living guru
not read vivekananda
not read ramakrishna
dont pray together
would leave to be with the lord anytime
lousiana is about lousiana
some time i was there
captain beyond
now is right now
i dunno
my fave books are mahabharata
marcel proust in remembrance
anon 3 04
i think i may have
anon 304 no
i couldnt say for sure, ben
but i’d know it when i went in there…….
we are all brothers and sisters here
thats the truth
anon 3 53 a combination
freddy merc (an amalgam of personalities)
aust just seems easier than anywhere else for me
life is relaxed n pleasant here
everywhere else is just so much harder
i cant be bothered resisting my environment anymore
so i just gonna stay put n soak up the easiness
i think best bass part was all parts on p=a
i lotta snaky bass right there
reptile too….ssssssssssssss
oh that was for dave em
triantelope because i couldnt resist it!
fave rock doc cocksucker blues
the sonic collab just fizzled out…….
jeff i love nielsens bay
dear pippy longspliffings
well well well
if i could answer that
marijuana is a god given herb for man to use
if ya cant handle it, leave it alone
if ya like it, dont overdo it (like me)
it is a spiritual preview channel
its also a biochemical brain avalanche
i dunno
i sure like it tho
and it never lets me down
when i need some songwritin’ ooomph!
cst coach
well ya see coach ole sk likes them easy places
not too hot
not too cold
no mountains( that i have to climb, at any rate)
no hostile savages or bandits
no warlords or suspicious chieftains to deal with
just a bit of greenery and warm weather
so my five places are
somewhere on black sea in summer
somewhere on caspian sea in summer
somewhere on adriatic sea in spring
somewhere on aegean in spring
somewhere on south seas island, anytime
maxi asks
bwtb on us tour?
i hope so but maybe not
live concert dvd….well theres live at basement coming soon
lily of the valley asks my fave work of art ever?
thats a biggy to commit to
im unable to answer definitively i m afraid
sorry not weasling out
just dunno
teddy blunt that venue is in minneapolis but….?
mcd you tell me….
sandy id tell em our music was aromatic
anon 6 42 ok
dear billy m
rocks willy wanka, eh?
gene wilder or johnny deppressed?
yes i could have fanship with a friend

anon 651
sks best 10 ipod tunes
eyes smeared with ointment of love
kuala lumpur from mimesis
my birthday, the moon festival
neverness hoax
i cant remember
heres some bits i can decipher
we walk towards it fairy dust encrusted
anon im bitter n vain but not cos i’m well read
anon at 755
my fave paul song is……drumroll……..hello goodbye
dear kurtez
i guess so, and thats for sure
nevets deathbed confession
for those five minutes i understood the essential incandescent love
i dug the connexion, i noted the similarities, i applauded the differences
i realised i am he as you are me and we are all together
and then….
and then beyond all that
i remember a night in a room
an emptying pokermachine palace
god what year was that 2005, summer?
i was talking to this woman with wild hair n clothes
after i’d finished this little gig with mwp
i said dijana ….
i said dijana when will i see you again ?
and she said
this woman in my vision
she said
when you die, sweet one
i will appear as the last of your earthly memories
to guide you safely to the quiet realms
where you will be refreshed
before you return again……
after all that yr asking me about petfood???????!!!
i couldnt handle the end
i guess its gonna be a part 3 then
tho technically some of em were outta time
oh well

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