posted on August 10, 2006 at 8:00 pm

new york city baybee
the epicentre
oh im so impressed….

last nite in falls church was great
great crowd
great venue
great food
great dane
grate fruit
we were good
they dug it
2 on cores
the fuckin lot
virginia/dc ya always good to us
after gig
we drive 6 hours to nyc
oh so tired fiendss
i knock back 2 double expressos to keep me going
but they never kick in
(until i arrive n try n get some sleeep)
whatta long monotonous drive
hardly can keep my sore n tired olde eyes open
finally arrive
staying in a poxy overpriced dogbox
on the eleventh floor
can hardly fit mah bass in the room
construction buzzing n screaming all around
no peace for the wicked
tonite the big one
irving plaza
almost sold out
theyre gonna love us
we gonna rock
yeee haaa!!
man i need some sleep
im burning with tiredness
ok its 4 in the arvo now
soundcheck 6 o clock
im gonna close my eyes for a cuppla hours
will write ya a long one from sellersville pa
(ps im 13 on charts)
love on ya

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