posted on September 11, 2006 at 3:52 am

nostalgia, fiends
aint it a bitch
those long gone australian summers
those times i sat in the mist in a park in balmain
with grant maclennan writing the words for the frosties
those yesterdays kisses n tears
all that water under the bridge
petty ambitions
petty obstructions
all my songs are coming true
full circle
can ya dig that sweet past
reforming itself inside your memory
coiled up and ready to fall out
those hazy super 8 days
so long ago
so far away
where are we now?
we’ve fallen asleep on the train again
oh we must have slept for hours and hours…
and now we’ve woken up here…..
getting closer to my final destination
inch x inch
second x second
stop this train !
i want to get off!
5 years ago today
i wassa sittin in this apt in delaware
when the lady next door knocks on door
n says somethin’ on tv ya might like to be seein’
yeah i aint goin’ into any of that ,dont worry
except to say that things were a little tense everywhere
i remember eve n aurora werent even 2
the train rushes on and into the night
i aint afraid of my destination no more fiendss
i used to be..
it seems like an outrageous thing when yer young
but now
nice to take off this steve kilbey suit
have a rest before i pull some other one on
be someone else for a change
i’ll get a life
i’ll be same old same old but different
go through it all again
chuck out most of all the stuff i learned
its ok
everyone has to do it
is that what makes it almost bearable?
some friends tell me that ian rilen
a real rocknroll character here in sydney n melb
has terminal cancer n hes refused all the chemo n stuff
i dont know what to say..
i guess i can sorta understand ..
i know ian a bit
and hes the real rocknrollin’ thing in spades
hard livin’ hard lovin’ hard fightin’ hard drinkin’ rocker
he writes great songs too
a whole buncha classics he penned
still one hopes ian could be miraculously cured
we’re losin’ a lotta good guys recently..
ian was in a great band called sardine v
and we opened for em once
and they were so good
i wasnt even jealous
ian had a great big suit n a weird guitar
another time ian “accosted” me n grant mc
at the hopetoun pub in sydney
he was trying to lift grants hat up to see how much hair he had
and then he was trying to give me a big beery kiss
we fell over and were kinda strugglin around on the floor
of this gig
and people were saying jesus!
aint that steve kilbey n ian rilen lyin on the floor there ?!
its ok
me n ian are mates
he used ta live up the road from me in rozelle
and i used ta drop in at his little house on my way up the shops
wow ian
you manage to be classy and wild at the same time!
a sorta rough gentleman or something
i hope it dont happen ian
but if it does
i hope you slip like a silver drop
into a silver sea
sk 11 9 2006

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