posted on October 14, 2009 at 5:53 am

a giant mythological bird
roc n rule
plug in here in this channel
in this english channel
cause we rock in english
we opera in italian
and we poem in france
and we dream in colour
because we are not dogs or cats
and we bury our dead in the earth
and the sun is up behind the clouds
and music at the core of silent things
and the marvellous out of the ordinary
and the rock within the roll
and i know how now
i got the knowhow nohow
i stumble into the middle of a song
a 2 minute song
say it and shut up fast
a 2 minute song like a 2 minute egg
hatching before your eyes
a little roc
a little role
a little self control
uniquely common
common or english garden
sitting in an english garden
that i have never done
i wander thru virtual instruments in a menu
i lose myself in the foggy piano
i get to know myself better as i wait for the strings
i have a coffee at some alpine cafe
i have a smoke round the back of the gym
i get changed into my costume
i get out my box of 2 minute songs
i hawk them shamelessly
all thru transvaal
i get that t rex thing i like
cant you move on someone suddenly asks
as purple evening drips down the chimney
and london comes out of sydney and stands there
and i cant get at the master volume
because my bass line has gobbled up my voices
and i got hiss and hum on
and i stand backstage at my last ever gig
pancake makeup covers my old lined face
my guitar hangs there limp
my cocaine has clumped in the damp confines
my charisma has congealed in my veins
my message unheeded
my car clamped and toad
my pass revoked
my ticket invalidated
my money counterfeit
my 2 minute songs are over
my shadow bows
my fingers nod
my mouth drums
my shoulders kiss my back
the tiny bells shrug
the slug of booze
the hug of smoke
the chug of the mute palm ostinato
the drug of the thud thud thud
hallelujah rocknroll
a chasm in the music cracks and out comes singing madwomen
we speed down a highway in our convertibubble
we copy and move memory
we take a drug called chances
we slake a thirst called knowledge
we make a love called life
writing songs is the easy part
you want a song
bang bang bang
mummy changes hands
the future suppurates waiting to be revealed
the past frizzles away in the pan
hollywood burps
washington frowns
london shivers
sydney yawns
down in antarctica they set up the amps for the big show in 2012
the roadies dressed in white like the snow
the whales gathered offshore
the caravans for the stars
trailers of the magnificent
the limos are pulled by reindeer and huskies
get ready
the ice moves
the drums roll
the band has assembled
i dont know how this is gonna end
there…ive said it
i dont know how this is gonna end

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