posted on September 6, 2006 at 6:09 am

this ruined angel
falling down from heaven
27 to 60
crashing sprawling
the earth rushing up to meet me
sickening descent from nightmare
smashing into the floor
down down down
catch me
im fading fast
muse what am i to do?
no use moaning here nevets
these are the people you still have
but muse wherefore hast my readership sunk
like a wreck in the cold green sea
like i wazza ripple
in their memory?
oh nevets such is the fickleness of folk
cry not for them gone
but celebrate in the ever vibrating present
you been surfing now for nearly 52 years
today im sittin in the sauna
and im talkin’ to these 2 russian ladies
who run a beauty parlour
and im askin’ em whether i should have
anywhere on my body waxed
(im being facetious fer chrissake!)
and one points to my beard tentatively
you think i should have my beard waxed? asks i
the other one shakes her head
no she says
that beards been good to you…..

i thought that was kinda funny
oh well guess you had to be there
i mention my rock group to the doodles
evie says whats a rock group
aurora says oh eve…its dads collection of stones
you see
everyone speaking at least part of the truth
some of the time
a horrible machine has taken up residence in this nay-borehood
going dut-dut-dut-dut-dut-dut
then its echo as well off the side of the hill
a millisecond friggin’ delay
as the horrible machine moves about
the sound doeppler effects with itself
and thats sounds like t.dream
(a very little, im just tryin’ to see the brite side)
im ready to strangle it
its the anti-yoga
its sonic anathema!
(a great name for my next record maybe)
what sayest thou muse?
its ok nevets, i guess
ok muse, is it just ok?
must everything you say be a pearl nevets?
why yes muse yes
i wanna be a poet 24 hours a day
i need to be squeezing poignancy outta words
i gotta make these words bleed for my readers
i gotta use special words and bend em to my agender
im fuckin finished lets face it
number 60
i can do anything now
ha ha
the constraints are off
from now on nevets yeblik can run amuck
regardless of all those damn aspirations to bloggmeggadom
bloggmeggadom, as mentioned in the ye olde testament
where the successful psalmists n scribes go
oh nevets you know its cos the u.s. tours over…
a loada flakes left this blogg so eat their dust
nevets some of em have abandoned ya its true..
no muse no…i hate to be cast aside..just like that
how could they do it to me
oh bitter tears
oh wailing n gnashing of teeeth
didnt they understand they were sposed to be my audience?
was i charging em too much?
was i too political/apolitical?
was i too good/evil?
for christ sakes nevets…
you just didnae have the right stuff let it go
youre boring the ones you DO have left
but seeeing i am thy muse…heres a little idea:
pretend that youre still on tour
some where in wyoming …
sitting in my room
the pools full of wee wee n klawrine
my ipods playin jeff buckley
tonite we play wyoming house of blooze
dickos down in the foyer i guess waitin’
last nites gig in boise was a corker
met some great folks
thanks barney n edna fer the vegan jazz muffins
boise had a nice vegan pub called the organic martini
sue cee recommended it
we met some people in there
hi sid n nancy kincaid
we played jazzy reptile
until it slithered away amongst the audients
i have reduced my bass to a one stringer
and i just go boom boom boom
and sing all this stuff in sumerian
it translates as
take it out on me enki
boise is the home of boiseberries
and i had a vegan boiseberry thickshake
with jagermeister clusters
whippings of soy cream
lashings of peeled provocative fruit
ready to be devoured
im driving tomorrow
the sunstarr is a great van
it has cd n vapouriser trails
its aircond n wireless n starbux homed
it drives like a diamond crushed dream
on yer 4 buck a gallon gasoline
tonite im wearing black for a change
im gonna try singin’ in a deep voice
im gonna try to say witty yet somehow poignant things
between the songs
im gonna do all my old hits
my abstract model
electrical disturbance
jet fin rock
all the way back to the songs i wrote in the womb
yeah you know that one about the ocean n the silvery fish
and the mermaids who were a’callin to ya
nevets sing them the one i whispered tp you
when you incorporeal in the astral
oh muse
i been trying to remember that one forever, you know
but oh oh my my
what a sad sad song that was…
im still crying all these years later,muse
whats going on with that?
hush now nevets im here
im here
yes dear nevets?
do you think i’ll ever re-enter the top 40?
(sound of muse yawning)

the end

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