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sweet sweet love
it will last
it will last
love that produces these lovely daughters
outta nowhere
daughters with wild hair like little dryads n naiads
or lovely blonde straight hair and dusky skin
gentle kind creatures who bring more love
the 4/4 beat of love
spacemen 3
massive attack
blank n jones
music condusive to love
im not a fighter im a lover
but i will fight for love
music n love so intertwined
music from love
love of music
i am a music lover, lover
make music make love music
i will provide the bass
i will provide the never ending pulse
the deep low end
you know i’ll be there
underneath it all
and my timing is true
i never falter
as i nail the beat
back with 4 beats
4/4 childe
bang bang bang bang!
weave in and out
rubbing against the melody
unbearably pleasant friction
azimuthal spirit bearing down
spirit come and take me now
spirit come and fill me now
drunken lovely feeling
the low grind of the cello
the flute and the oboe fingered
the drum pounds
the piano tickled
the viola moans
the violin screams extasy
the electric guitar brutalizes
the organ grinds
creamy and overpowering
the electric bass
sits on the bed
way down there
and it nails the beat
it encourages
it hestitates
it pushes
it draws back
it speeds up ever so slightly
and grows larger inside the music
deep into the music where it has lodged itself
pushing into the very heart of the music
insistently exploring
the real power
the power to create
to bring to life
to call down souls to take on flesh again
little love children
summoned hither
our love must needs be personified
these children are the personification
they are music made solid
delightful children with kind eyes
with perfect proportions
with hazel eyes
with brown eyes
with sky blue eyes
children who could have come from anywhere
children who love each other
children who love music
tiny baby with her beethoven hair
child star
bells and tinkling pianos
this is life
the beat of life of music
musician of lifes lovely beat
coax and feel and command the beat
where it all joins up
where it comes into contact with itself
when the spirit finds you awake or dreaming
and the lion indeed lies down with the lamb
on broadway or sweet eden
eden filled with honey days and forgetful nights
and music all around
songs about the distance and the time
songs no one has ever written
songs that need to be written
else they remain forever inchoate
the souls waiting to be freed
by a musician
to join up the musics inevitable form
and the singer of love songs
that wailing crooning shouting whispering voice
those words of love
the promises of love
the agony of separation
the pleas and entreaties
those descriptions of love
those coded secrets alluding to loves embraces
love embraces music and they produce song
song sings love
song is sung for love by love itself
the instruments tune up
the musicians stroke and feel and fondle the music
the music is personified by the instruments
the instruments made of earth itself
yet earth now penetrates air and ether
with its music
love of fire for water
love of earth for sky
love of ocean for shore
(for sure)
love of child for father
love of mother for son
love of music
love of songs
songs of love
there is no end to this
over and around
in and out
all about
interpenetration now of all spheres
the triple world
past present future
music constant
atlantis sinks to its anthem
which david bowie found
after umpteen thousand years
and he played it on a mellotron
on “crystal japan”
songs come from the future and past
from other universes
from other minds
from the dead
and the yet to be born
songs are spells
hurl them against mountainsides and lo! they open
the pied piper was laying down a groove in olde hamlin town
he begins a lowdown sleazy dirty tune on his flute
and them rats prick up their fucking ears
oh ratty says his song to their greyfurred ears
oh little delicious rat come with me
you gonna get down down in the nicest sewer
darkness and warmth and food and ratty love
disgusting sordid rodent music
oh but look at ratty go
go go go little ratty
all you little rats go go
over the hills and faraway
into the river
drown in this music little rat
and big rat
all drown together in the river of music
in the musical river
where down sitting on the bed is the bass
and the pied piper says
ok cats i did my gig
wheres my bread?
and the burgermeister n his cronies say
too bad, druid
that gig was for fucking charity
and the pied piper
he says
oh izzatso?
and the burgermeister and his crooked pals
who hate music and love
they say
be off with you vagabond musician
we care nothing for your slurs n slides
for your semi-quavers or your trills
and the pied piper
picks up his flute
it was his axe you see
he picks up his magic flute
under the enchantment of music and love
the flute resonated deeply
its own wooden nature
imbued with sunlight and earth and rain
stuffed full of the pipers intent
it was his familiar spirit that lived in flute
in the music lay the coiled spirit
and the spirit was a tiny version of a great spirit
the spirit of love which motivates everything
as you have seen
and the piper breathed life into his flute
and the swedish word for breath and spirit is the same
and the piper filled with music
breathed into the flute
and such was his skill
such was his divine knowledge of spirit
and his knowledge of love
the upsndowns of elusive love
and this cat now laid down a melody of such beauty
a melody so fucking unbelievably lovely
oh i cant even begin to describe it
i have only words
but the music had magic
and the old people in the town heard it
and they said
oh whats that strange sad music
but the lovely children heard the music
and they said
oh thats so awesome
and they drifted out of their houses
they left the playground and the nursery
the schools emptied out
and the piper kept on improvising round that melody
in the narrow streets of hamelin
with natural reverb n echo
the magic flute swirled round that town
and the piper breathed a song into it
a song which had sprung from his mind complete
and the song said
listen to me
come with me
wherever i lead
and the piper breathed into his flute
and the children spellbound
were bound to follow
in the jingle jangle morning
they went following him
and he lead them out of the town
into the mountains
and he stood before the mountainside
and he played a stoned groove
a rocky heavy metal mountainside rag
a song the mountain could dig
and the piper breathed the words
open yourself
and the mountain
who was female
an earth mother type
that beautiful mountain
opened herself for love
opened herself for music
opened herself for the musician
who breathed songs into this world
and the piper sang to the children
go in go in go in
and he sang to the mountain stay open stay open
stay open
and all but one child entered
into the mountains cleft
into the arms of the earth
and the piper himself entered too
and the mountain graciously received them
took them into herself
and she closed
and the music suddenly ceased
and the hills were silent
all birdsong stopped
and that one child
that sweet lame child
who had not been able to keep up
he sat and he wept
and i said describe to me childe
tell me about the pipers song
and he said
it was
the sweetest thing
youll ever learn
is to love
and be loved
in return

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