posted on April 25, 2012 at 8:45 am

whirled pool

oh i am the eternal wanderer

through jungles through seashores

i never leave the safety of my library

may i say maybe from another age

punished for my arrogance and being sent here

yes yes

my world of holy art and music

but i argued against some of em like i always do

and justifiably angry with me arranged for me to be sent here

oh god people are still having wars and eating animals!

oh god they are arresting people for using medicinal herbs!

oh god the poor still have to fend for themselves!

oh god a small group of evil rascals  is ruining it for everybody!

oh god the people still falling for the most primitive propaganda!

barbarian days heathen cities godless times

wake up you sleepers

(then suddenly weary) or dream on …..

what difference does it make now?

i am humanity in a microcosm being the smartest and the stupidest

all this intelligence oh baby where did it get us?

live from your spirit not from your head

i am eternal spirit i do not perish

i have pulled on my mansuit to learn sorrow and strife

i am here in these abrasive days to sand back my prickly pride

this is the world where they crucify their messiahs

and burn their joans of arc

this is the world where some people do what they like

and other people will always get shafted

unfortunately the ratio is about 1 to 99 (if that much)

this is the world that gave you its first great war not so long ago

millions dead oh well…..give em a holiday

thats alright

i am odysseus in the land of the lotus eaters

standing at the shore

wondering which gods are aligned for and against me

and wondering

when shall i ever get home?


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