posted on September 26, 2008 at 8:25 pm

i sold the painting of ricki (ricky) (rikki)
uh huh
last night
i’m standin’ there
and i see em put a red sticker on mah ricki
(couldnt a wag have a lotta fun at a gallery and
some of them red stickers)
theres some old aussie hippie n ‘is missus
they bought ricki right from under my eyes
do you like the bjm sir i asked
never ‘erd of em says the bloke
do you know who ricki is ?
i ask
no i just walked in n i knew i had to buy that painting..
the blokes wife says
funny what a few bourbons n coke will do…
i choose to ignore this remark
and i tell him the story of the painting
how i sketched ricki in charcoal one night
while he was eating something at my place
i was sketching a lot of people
with my skinny charcoal that my dear friend amy s had given me
to tell you the truth
i didnt think it was that great
nor did el maymi as i remember
he looked at it n shrugged
uh huh steve….hey i’m gonna give you some new bill nelson
i put it away
later we had some dmt
which was actually the bark n leafy substances
off a perfectly legal wattle tree…not a drug as such
and then my ambitions kinda exploded for painting
and i wanted to get that aureole thing
(“its the aureole flying n fleeing”)
and rickis sketch was one of the first i mucked about with
i had a whole load of paintings
including great ones of eve and brother john
and i fixed em all one day in me shed
(ie i sprayed this poisonous blechh that stops the pastel falling off)
and i sent em all off to america
but fed ex lost em
and i thought ricki had gone down with the lot
last seen : gnome alaska
(after all this time i sent fed ex an angry email last week
still not compensated for my lost paintings after what? 8 months
and having holly show em the paperwork …
yes yes..these paintings were worth about 3 grand
thats what i woulda got for em all if they sold
and one was a commish that had already been paid for
they had let me hang on with no word whatsoever
i wrote em last week n said
dont bullshit me about investigating my case…
what …are there divers off the coast of alaska
sifting thru post it tubes and examining the dna..?
then they wrote back in their laughably bad english….
like ok if you gonna get “offshore” people
to process yer complaints at least make em learn the lingo
after having had my paintings lost
after having no compensation or word for six months
they communicate in some version of pidgin english
that would make mowgli the wolf boy blush
theyre paying me a hundred bucks
but not anytime too soon
“this processes may takes up to for weaks before we payee money
and tick box if you wanna sees a picture of my seester with your post it tube”
one day one of my little dorters came running up the stairs
look daddy you still got ricki
(seems he’d been left behind after all)
(scarlet: i like yer ricki i like yer ricki)
so ricki became part of my ohio exhibition
tho he actually predated most of it
then art groupie in australia ear marked it for their exhi
and holly said it coulda sold a few times between now n then
then the smh had it in there
there was something about it that people liked
regardless of me or maymi
it was like a hit single of a painting
and the art groupies liked it too
everyone did
oh well now its gone to a good home
but you can still get a print of it
i colourised it later
i put a stupid snakeskin jacket on him too
that he never wore at all
but it was his hair that did it
in the swirling whirls and whorls of his hair
i put all the colours in the book
and people liked that technicolour hair look
anyway again
i watched some more of “get stoned n paint” last nite
my my its coming along a treat
a serious must for artlovers of all ages and sizes
nelg has done a great painstaking job
i believe the total package featuring new music
will be a riccapoodley and a fangdoodly
of course last night n night before been singing with martin kenny d.
i love those songs we wrote n i love singing em
nk and some other friends were impressed
i had major argy bargy and mucho malarkey with taxis getting there
i turned up almost n hour late
the gallery was packed to the rafters
there was free booze
and the fuckin’ place was jumpin’
there were crowds milling round on the street
it was hot n bursting and humid as all hell
on an empty stomach i had 2 wines n a beer n bingo i was pissed
i was all hugs n smiles afterwards
as i wandered round dazed and sweaty
i enjoyed both nights
martin is one of natures real gentleman
and a unique writer n arranger
polinski has already started mixing our record
its like painkillers opposite
its a very interior album
its very warm n soft n intimate n friendly
it doesnt challenge you with spacey bombast
its just very compact pithy poignant songs
i believe we captured something here
more gigs with martin in dec with painkiller
so that was that
nelg survived babysitting the doodles plus woofle plus coco n lola
he lived to tell the tale
c and a-m had a good time (they said)
the kids were all ‘appy
i sold a painting
the gigs were good
thats another blogge….!

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