posted on November 4, 2006 at 6:59 pm

starcrack in the void
we pour through
silver grey metal # 40
the new air corrodes
we lubricate the apertures of space
we detect openings
we hide in veneers
spilling over
return to the earth everynight we must
the soldiers fight and nothing else
they absorb the enemy
infra-red and suddenly violet
a movement in the atmosphere
a tearing sound
the explosion of minds
we eat your horror
we will drink your lives
twisted trees frolic in the black wind
its not rain…its……
breathing becomes difficult
you never get used to the fire
wave after wave of nausea
the void finds its voice
its croons a cruel song
a whirling drone
oh you know those words
dont resist the turning wheel
fortunes blown
savage music
the sky fills with black birds
coming down screaming and burning
insect kings arrive
their conquest is absolute
there is no more music
no more unnecessary movement
we are locked in
on course
remorseless, revengeless
a river of one thought
in the dark night of incubation
in the closeness of the nursery
we have no differences
our numbers swell
filled with incessant life
wings sprout from my shoulders
and i rush and rise up
into the teeming night
held in formation
the air crackling with signal
we maximise our advantage
we hit
phalanxes of pitilessness
extinguishing strength
we eat into the barrier
we waltz through the gaps in matter
we penetrate
we interpenetrate
our sting is terrible
and we thrust it in
over and over
machine like mind
beneath the carapace
i am somewhere else
even as i take your life
as i draw you out
charm your soul from its flesh
never to return
there is no stopping
there is no turning back
once this begins
sudden silent and inexorable

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